It’s all about childhood

Well, it took me a few years to figure it out. But I now know *exactly* what I’m trying to photograph. And that’s, being a kid.

MarlaMar13-44What is it about being 4 yrs old ?

I’ve been photographing for a long time before I even took my first child picture.Edouard05PMEdouard, 2.5 yrs

I’d had a weird and uncomfortable rapport to kids before. To be honest I wasn’t to crazy about them. Allright, I had zero patience, and little empathy. This particular little kid is the son of very dear friends of mine. I couldn’t bond with him, as much as I wanted to. So I decided to try and photograph him, and see what would happen.

Edouard03It deeply changed my perception. He soon became a very regular model, along with his baby sister.


When I became a mom myself, the photography demon really got unleashed.  I have literally thousands of pictures of my daughter, and I don’t mean “captures”. I mean several thousands, selected and properly (?) edited shots.


What really strikes me now about the kind of shots that work for me, that touch me, is that they are the ones who speak the most of the freshness, innocence, and overall very special universe in which small kids live.

MarlaMar13-43It’s about being happy and empowered by a cheapo flashing magic wand…

MarlaMar13-41Realizing all the sudden that snow is wet and cold

MarlaJan13-05and getting chocolate mustache each time you eat desert


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