140 edited pictures, and counting (Venice trip with 2 cameras)

You read that right. I must have shot anywhere near 500 pictures on a 3 day week-end in Venice, Italy. Nearing 150 edited shots, and a bunch more to go.

ClaireVenise-04Yup, that’s me. I have a similar picture shot in black and white film by my then 16 yr old cousin, when I was 9. Have to dig and scan it and insert here for kicks.

Venise2013-05PMIt’s really not hard to make beautiful pictures in Venice. Actually you’d have a hard time NOT doing so. It’s probably the most beautiful city in the world.

Sure, it’s being said by many folks, of many different places. Paris, New York, Barcelona, etc. The Belgian city of Bruges is even called the Northern Venice…

BrugesAvr12-28Canals, check. Churches, check. Medieval buildings, check. Grand Canal ? Huh… Nope, that’s only in the *real* Venice…

Venise2013-03And so are the “gelati” (if you really have to know, I had Coffee flavor, two scoops, and Olivier got the Tiramisu flavored one. A dream)

I had taken two cameras for that trip. The Fuji X10 was my n°1, do it all, walk-around solution. The 28-112mm equivalent bright, high quality zoom lens makes it insanely convenience and purposeful. Said lens has a maximum aperture of 2.0-2.8 which makes it extremely useful and efficient even in the dimmest light (churches, anyone ?). The NEX 7, equipped with my beloved SEL35/1.8 prime, was my lethal weapon for close-ups, artsy blurred backgrounds, and super low light and night shots.

Venise2013-21Like this



or that

The NEX is also a formidable stealthy street shooter…

Venise2013-77Dignified old Venitian gentleman and cute Asian tourists, that’s Venice !

Venise2013-63That, too. The insane luxury lavished in various churches, palaces and theaters. Here, the famous, twice burned and built back, “Fenice”

So how on Earth do you manage a picture selection in a place so rich in photo opportunities ? Basically, you don’t. You just shoot everything that looks good, interesting, original, amusing or all of the above, and sort the pics out later. When you have the luxury of staying at a fancy place, you want to keep memories of that, for starters.

Venise2013-04Man, I could start every day like this

Venise2013-90Very, very nice place to stay



Venise2013-25Well, you get the idea…

Then you are blown by all the typical, beautiful and grandiose views of the city. Of the canals, big and small. And of the narrow, mysterious streets, always bathed in light and cloaked in shadows at the same time, in a totally unique, Venetian way :





Venise2013-41Night views are also a treat there




Then you get all the beautiful colors, details and textures :







Venise2013-133I’m at loss to chose what pictures to feature, really at loss !

Bottom line about the cameras : the X10 is a superb all-rounder, leaving little to desire. However, if you shoot the NEX side by side with it, there is real image quality gain with the Sony… I’m considering taking *two* NEX cameras on my next trip 😉


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5 Responses to 140 edited pictures, and counting (Venice trip with 2 cameras)

  1. ”Bottom line about the cameras : the X10 is a superb all-rounder, leaving little to desire. However, if you shoot the NEX side by side with it, there is real image quality gain with the Sony… I’m considering taking *two* NEX cameras on my next trip”

    –I could not identify which photos were taken with the nex or the fuji, both offer excellent quality, by the way Claire incredible photos, I have liked all the DOF in some shots is incredible. I felt on the trip for a moment 😉

    • marla2008 says:

      Thank you Freddy, it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back !
      I posted only the best X10 shots, but there was a good quantity of others that looked very “compact” like, in a sort of clownish, plasticky way. I had to be careful with my settings to avoid that. However the X10 was a perfect companion. It’s just the 7 that sets the bar too high !!

  2. Luis says:

    Always enjoy your posts!

  3. Luis says:

    No blog at this time, maybe in the future. I post some of my photos on Flickr, my Screen name is LPaxtor. I have lately been using my NEX 5N with the SEL50F18 (50mm 1.8) & the SEL16F28 (16mm 2.8). I really like your style as you always tell a story through the photos.

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