Two unusual things for me today

First, I dug holes and planted trees. I’m not a yard worker by choice, believe me. But there was too much work to let my poor hubby do it himself today, so I gave him a hand.

JardinMar13-11My, that’s a big hole to dig…

JardinMar13-01for a freaking big tree

JardinMar13-09Dig, dig

JardinMar13-08keep digging !

JardinMar13-13It took us over 1h30 to get it right…

JardinMar13-04Ain’t it pretty


JardinMar13-19a well deserved pause

JardinMar13-22We have a LOT of stuff to plant

JardinMar13-20That was easier

JardinMar13-03the family, plantation pending

JardinMar13-02and some tools

JardinMar13-07some idea of the final placement

JardinMar13-10Proof of hard work

JardinMar13-12and what the hell is that ?? My new MACRO lens !

This is my first real, dedicated lens, ever. It’s a Minolta MD 35-70/3.5 Macro. Probably close to 40 years old. It cost me 41€, shipped. Pretty darn good bargain. So that’s the second unusual thing I did today. I shot close-ups of plants, leaves, etc.

JardinMar13-15The bokeh is ugly harsh/busy, but the resolving power is jaw dropping

JardinMar13-14Viewed full size the photos look like taken with a friggin’ microscope

JardinMar13-16Of course the NEX 7’s 24MP sensor has something to do with that, too

ColtMar13-13He supervised the whole operation

JardinMar13-17That was my favorite part of the yard, prior the plantations

JardinMar13-21AAAhhh, rays of SUN. Unbelievable

JardinMar13-18My future favorite part of the yard…

JardinMar13-23We taught him NOT to help with gardening. So far, so good.


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