NEX magic

I haven’t hidden my growing admiration for what the NEX cameras can do. It’s taken me a while to get used to, and comfortable with, the system, but now that I am, things are just on a roll.


We had a little Easter celebration over the week-end, coupled with the tenth birthday of my lovely niece. Once again the NEX 7, paired with the SEL35/1.8, proved to be the perfect everyday companion, capturing light, colors and textures exactly as I saw them.

Paques2013-08The day had chocolate galore

Paques2013-01The hunt in full force

Paques2013-03Where are those eggs

Paques2013-04Hmm, maybe here

Paques2013-05Got them !

Paques2013-02You can turn 10 years old and *still* enjoy egg hunting

Paques2013-07Mama documenting in the back with her own Panasonic GF1

Paques2013-06Baskets are full. Time to sit down with a piece of cake and a drink

Paques2013-09My favorite NEX feature has got to be the lovely rendering of contrast

Paques2013-10Like that touch of window light on the side of her pretty face

Paques2013-11Playing with metering here. The strong backligting means you need to switch to Manual, but before I did I enjoyed the silhouette effect so shot it as such

Paques2013-12I’d lie saying I clearly remember what being 10 feels like. But I see a lot of expectations in those eyes here

Paques2013-13Here comes da boom… sorry, da cake 😉

Paques2013-16Blowing birthday candles never gets old… At least not yet at 10

Paques2013-17And a justified proud Mama

Paques2013-18After which was much jolly glass tipping

Paques2013-19and cake eating

Paques2013-20and gift/cards checking

Paques2013-21Memory making

MarlaAvr13-16NEX did all that and more

MarlaAvr13-10with -literally- flying colors

MarlaAvr13-13So serious one minute

MarlaAvr13-15Miss Mischief the next

MarlaAvr13-11God bless cameras for childhood memories…


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