006 is back

ObjosNEX6-01A few lenses captured by the Sony NEX 6

I bought me another NEX 6. I say another, because I shot this particular model for a few weeks (I’d say about 6 or 8) last fall. It’s one good little camera. Does just about everything like it’s older/bigger brother, my trusty NEX 7.


The 6 does everything it needs to do, and it does it well. I still like the handling of my 7 better, and there is some intangible distinctive I-don’t-know-what about it that I like better, too.


That means I now have a NEX pair. Perfect for traveling. You mount one zoom lens on a body, and a prime on the other. You don’t miss a single shot.


These shots have very close to zero processing. That’s pretty good camera performance.

CanalAvr13-01That’s from the 18-55 zoom lens I so dislike

ColtAvr13-05And that from the wonderful PEN F 38/1.8, wide open, of course

MarlaAvr13-41I’m tickled with the NEX 6’s output. Very competent camera

MarlaAvr13-44That’s all for tonight 😉


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