For better or worse. Or till something better comes along…

Nex7guts01My NEX 7 is very ill. I still love it and care for it. It’s still my favorite camera

I bought my camera after it’s been on a world tour. The LCD screen got in poor shape after the protective film rubbed off in my purse, and I had to change it. The replacement went relatively well, but after only a week of use, the new display went dead (Chinese spare parts are no benchmark for reliability, obviously…). I’m waiting for another unit, to replace it AGAIN.

BleauAvr13-01 Thank God I’d had the brilliant idea to buy a back up body a week’s prior the 7’s demise. It’s a Sony NEX 6 and it does a brilliant job.

PiedsAvr13-01Actually both cameras are almost twins in operation, and extremely similar in output. The 6 might be overall sharper. My pet is still the 7

RoxaneAvr13-02NEX 6 window light

RoxaneAvr13-05Marla invited a friend over yesterday

RoxaneAvr13-06Looks like an angel, acts like a demon, lol

RoxaneAvr13-03The camera loves her

MarlaAvr13-51From the 7 the night before the screen died

I used to be very critical of the NEX system. Body/lenses size ratio was screwed. AF performance was poor. Looks were weird. Menus were sick.

MarlaAvr13-54Then I got hooked on the image quality. The color rendering, tonal reproduction, detail, and the overall way it made beautiful images effortlessly

Today I can honestly say I have no desire to shoot any other camera. I have an excellent and very capable Nikon D90 gathering dust in a closet. I have a once exciting GX-1 (this specific unit is loaned by a generous photo forum fellow member) and a set of truly fancy lenses, also in a drawer. Get no use. I was loaned (I have a lot of really cool and gold hearted photo friends) both the iconic Fuji X100 and the super cool-hip Fuji XE-1. The former annoyed beyond words, and the second failed to sway me from my NEXes. I even have my very own Fuji X10, which is super cool… and that I need to kick me in the butt to find the drive to list for sale. I even tried the odd Samsung NX camera, a NX200 specifically, and packed it back to Amazon the very day I received it…


The NEX quirks are still exactly as real as they were when I first started with the system. The AF is still leisurely (despite the claims of improvement on the new models, I have noticed no *significant* change in real life shooting). The lens selection still sucks (very slowly getting wider, but still badly lacking useful options). The menus are still… what they are, but I’ve totally adapted to them. The added extra controls on the 6 and 7 models make it possible to configure the cameras pretty finely and there is little menu digging left.

BleauAvr13-05NEX 6 with 18-55 kit lens

And despite those little flaws and limitations, NEX has become my system of choice. For me wanting an intergrated viewfinder and built-in flash, my model selection consists of the 6 and 7. I have both and couldn’t be happier. Really. So when my NEX 7 started having issues with its LCD screen, I went out of my way to fix it. And I’ll do it again.


I can’t promise or warrant I’ll stay with this system forever. The lens selection is still a very weak link in the NEX chain. The AF still needs a lot of pumping up (which I think we might get a bit of in the next gen). But the IQ, oh dear. It’s addictive. Those sharp details and smooth out of focus zones, that color rendition, that tonal range, once you’ve tried it you don’t want to bother with anything else.


NEX does detail. It does portrait. Landscape, macro, real life, on the fly shots


It does pets, cars, kids, places. Anything you throw at it it just handles gracefully.

DSC03993PMDSC04014PMJust go about your life, pull your NEX, shoot. It’ll record your reality faithfully

RoxaneAvr13-09And that’s the number one job of a camera


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  1. Bek says:

    I have to have one!!! Damn you woman ha ha ha

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