You’ll excell at what you like

MarlaAvr13-554 yr old playing in her room

The best piece of photographic advice I ever took was to shoot where my passion is. To concentrate on photographing solely stuff I’m passionate about. I wasn’t given this advice personally, I picked it up, actually in various places of the internet (articles, blogs, tips…).

MarlaAvr13-61Marla trying out different outfits

And that is true. If you focus on depicting what matters to you, what makes you tick, what “makes your skirt fly” (to quote The PioneerWoman), you’re bound to make images that will matter, as well.

MarlaAvr13-62Subject of choice : daily life with my kid

MarlaAvr13-59Let’s try this one

It also goes for the style that you like. Maybe you’re awed by very technical shots. Maybe technical perfection is your route to feeling worthy as a photographer. By all means if that’s the case, learn the craft. Spend time honing your skills at composition, exposure, framing, etc. If you like street photography get a small, unconspicuous looking camera and get out there and spray. If landscapes are your thing, invest in a good tripod and find a place that intrigues you. Return there at different times of the day, in different seasons, by different weathers.

MarlaAvr13-57Early childhood fascinates me. And I have the perfect model at hand 24/7


Wildlife ? Get a cheapo older gen DSLR and a used Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM (my favorite lens ever) and shoot birds and squirrels and deer till you’re blue in the face. Macro : bring on the bugs and coins and stamps ! Flowers ? Ouch, that’s a tough one. Flower pictures are lethally boring, I swear. But ok, if you like flowers and plants, go ahead and prove me wrong, you can do it ! (yes yes, maybe you think little kids going about *are* mortally boring, lol)


So I insist that if you are interested in photography and want to get maybe even passionate about it, disregard what everybody says and concentrate on the subject that really are important to you. A side benefit ; if you shoot what is close to your heart, even your failed pics will make sweet memories !


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