Remember, it’s the light (not the camera)


I confess I love to buy, borrow, or plain try new cameras. I admit I lay hands on a lot of different cams over the course of a year. And it’s great fun. Nonetheless, it just tickles the geek in me. My photographer self knows all too well the worth of the images I make has very little to do with the camera I used (hence the title of this blog. I’m not just being cute; I mean it !!).

MarlaAVr13-114So if it’s not the camera… What is it ?!

The light. It’s the darn light. Photography literally means “painting with light”. No light, no photo. Plain and simple. Then, superior sensors and lenses are specifically designed to enhance light gathering and use. That’s where and how a better camera can help you make better pictures, because it handles light better.

MarlaEclair-11And let’s not forget light impacts color, too

MarlaAvr13-107All the shots in this post are courtesy of the Sony NEX 6

I love spring light. It’s fresh, tender, and sometimes etheral. It feathers and kisses your subjects, and flares beautifully when you shoot in the sun.


I’m not pretending I’m immune to camera lust, either. Even though I’ve been doing pretty well lately, and extremely happy and content with my two NEX bodies (6 and 7). However, I just found a too-good-to-pass deal on a pre-owned Pentax Q with 8.5mm prime (equivalent 47mm in full 24×36). If it’s not good enough for me, it can always act as a serious toy for Marla.

MarlaEclair-07I just LOVE the way the Sony NEX renders light

MarlaEclaire-15I mean, look at the dust raised by the pony’s feet, how poetic is that ?

MarlaAvr13-102And that dusk lighting

MarlaDoAvr13-116My sis and her handsome partner came visiting from Mexico

MarlaAvr13-117They brought her the most fabulous princess dress. It’s so amazing she hardly dares wearing it !

MarlaAvr13-112She has less reservations about this one

MarlaAvr13-108Rolling in the grass with her buddy

MarlaEclair-02She met her new schooling pony this week, Eclaire

MarlaEclair-03Hmm, how huggable is she ?

MarlaEclair-04I like her, I like her, I like her !

MarlaAvr13-105That’s the kind of pic I’ve been setting out to do lately. Spur of the moment

MarlaAvr13-100And faithful to the light

MarlaAvr13-103With fun expressions, when possible

MarlaEclair-05And off they go

MarlaEclair-08Hasn’t been riding for a couple of months, but still got the hang of it

MarlaEclair-09She gets private lessons, with her long time teacher, Gwen.

MarlaEclair-10Who happens to be one of my favorite ladies on Earth.

Fiona-01Paired with this great gentleman. They make a fantastic couple, and I wish them all the success in the world with their new horse boarding business

MarlaAvr13-111Please let them be hugely successful !!

MarlaEclair-12Gwen isn’t just Marla’s riding teacher. She’s genuinely her friend

MarlaEclair-13Makes her discover new experiences

MarlaEclair-14Ha ha, precious

MarlaAvr13-113Check out the dog…

MarlaAvr13-106Apple addicts

MarlaAvr13-110Remember : the LIGHT…

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