More springtime photography

MarlaMai13-02The 2 kiddos enjoying the yard

We’ve finally had *some* good weather. The 2012-2013 winter has been horrendous, and lasted forever.

CanalAvr13-08God knows we’ve had plenty of THAT (yikes)

MarlaMai13-05So a little sunshine made us feel


ColtMai13-01Yeah, him too

MarlaMai13-06The tiny local yearly spring “fair” was here this week-end

It’s a tiny and ridiculously puny event but for our super small village, it IS an event. All the kids get excited, and many parents join in as well.

MarlaMai13-07You pay 3.50€ for a rod, “fish” 10 rubber ducks, and are entitled to a 10 cts Chinese P.O.S. plastic toy, lol

MarlaMai13-08Next stop is the “ride”

MarlaMai13-09MarlaMai13-10She’s taking it VERY seriously

MarlaMai13-11Look what those snatchy little hands got ! (that equates a free ride)


MarlaMai13-13Then, cotton candy !

MarlaMai13-14Sugar intake is monitored in our home. But hey, a kid gotta be a kid

MarlaMai13-17So here’s she shit cheapo Chinese prize

MarlaMai13-16It’s lousy allright, lol

MarlaMai13-15Calling her boyfriend (truly !)


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One Response to More springtime photography

  1. Ha ha, that will come soon enough! Lovely set, Marla looks to have had a fabulous day. I love the one of the 4 legged kid chewing his stick 🙂

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