Nothing to share ? Kick me in the butt

Chantilly19As a portrait freak I feel unexplainably attracted to partly hidden faces

I didn’t share much these past few days. Kids were out of school and keeping a 4 yr old entertained will certainly make one pretty busy. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting (I’m always shooting, anyway).


Friends, Marla and I went to Chantilly, home of one of France’s most beautiful castle. My friends were born and raised in the area, so chilling out, drinking beer and playing ball on one of the big lawns in front of the castle is a week-end ritual.

Chantilly15Of course I took my NEX 6 along

Ever since my 7 has been not 100% functional due to a defunct LCD back display, the 6 has taken the top dog spot.

Chantilly14And delivering the quality output I expect from my main camera

The week end before that my hubby and I had taken our girl to yet another castle (we’re big fans of sprawling properties and 25″ thick walls) : the almighty Vaux le Vicomte. Vaux has a very special status. It is the castle that has inspired Louis XIV to have Versailles built !!

VlV13-06It’s one big *massive* hunk of stone

VlV13-01We left the house under a threatening sky

VlV13-03And had to wait a solid 15 minutes in the car for the rain to abate

VlV13-24When we came out the sun was glorious and it was freaking hot

VlV13-25I told you it’s BIG !

VlV13-07The inside is in exquisite repair, and the visit very smartly laid out


VlV13-10VlV13-12VlV13-08VlV13-14VlV13-19with a bunch of tastefully recreated everyday scenes

VlV13-16Along with a little folklore…

VlV13-20Gardens are fully a part of the place’s identity

VlV13-22If you like “à la française”, which we don’t (too rigidly symetrical for us !!)

VlV13-23How many secrets has this stone guardian witnessed ??

Chantilly02Back to raquettes in Chantilly…

Chantilly06Chantilly05Chantilly04Chantilly03The NEX is not a super fast focusing camera, but it did freeze the action decently

Chantilly16Marla got to meet our friend Estelle’s brothers. We’ve known each other for over 7 years and I’ve heard about them countless times, so it was a pleasure to get to know them in vivo.

Chantilly23Chantilly26That’s the kind rough love usually reserved to her dad…

On a totally different note, I was shopping for a very small camera these days, so I decided to test a few available to me to see how much goodness I could squeeze out of a tiny sensor camera

S90Canal-04the “old” Canon S90, that led the compact pack in its prime

S90Canal-09S90, macro mode

Then I had at hand a tiny Pentax Q, the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera.

MarlaMai13-20It’s minuscule, keep in mind my kid is 4 !

Despite all the love it gets from its users base, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Q’s output. Metering was totally erratic and the slightest contrast situation cause it to miserably burn highlights. The dynamic range borders on none. Terrible. I was able to get it to meter properly only a couple of times…

CanalQ-01Out of sympathy for Pentax, I’m posting this one, successful Q shot

VlV13-21Well, look I had something to share after all !


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One Response to Nothing to share ? Kick me in the butt

  1. Laurent says:

    Feeling nostalgic looking at the Chantilly castle pictures, just a bike ride away from my Bro. Great pictures!

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