The geek in me

Wanted a slate PC.

As a lifelong Apple computer user (never had a Windows run machine in my life, neither do I ever intend to…), and happy (no, make that blissful) iPhone owner, I naturally wanted an iPad.

However, the price is ludicrous, and I’m getting seriously fed with the proprietary Apple way of transfering files… As someone who routinely moves a bunch of photo, audio and video files in and out of various devices, the iTunes tethered sync mode was getting older than old : a real Pain In The Ass.

I once briefly owned a Galaxy S2 phone. Boy did I hate that piece of shit. I hated it with a passion. The feel was cheap, the screen was absolutely garishly unfaithful in colors and contrast, the operating system was a nightmare, battery life a punishment. It took me 12 hours to want to get rid of it, 24 to list it for trade, and 48 to get back a proper phone, with an Apple logo on top.

So trying Android again with a tablet is totally scary to me. However, the slate is just a secondary device, I don’t depend on it. We still have Macbooks Pro in the house, and iPhones, both of us, so I feel relatively safe introducing an Android based slate in the household. It’s main use will be web surfing and Kindle content reading when my kid “borrows” my laptop, which is 80% of the time. So which one did I go with ??

GalaxyBizarrely enough, since my Galaxy phone experiment was a brilliant failure, I still chose the 7″ Galaxy Tab 2.

I don’t want an 9 or 10″ slate that’ll be too large to carry around, I want to throw the thing in my purse at all times and be able to open my latest Kindle download in the physician’s waiting room, or queuing at the post office. The main idea here is convenience and versatility, not premium performance in any specific area.

Thanks to the flawless customer service at Amazon, the Tab will be here tomorrow. I’ll be back with my impressions. Wish me luck !


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2 Responses to The geek in me

  1. Back in town and glad to read this! I have an original galaxy tab 8.9 and have to say it’s very good. just received a Sony tab 9″ refurb (which is great too + SD card slot) and as they are both android they’re pretty much identical. Apple piss me off with all the jumping through hoops to perform normal tasks…..but I love my iPhone. Hope you like the tab 😉

  2. Laurent says:

    As a terribly cheap photographer (mmm, need to fix my LCD on my Canon…..didn’t you try to fix an LCD lately? how did it go?), I don’t even own a proper computer, but I have been tempted by those tablets. I wonder about the photo editing softwares you can use on those. Let us know!!!!

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