West light (for Laurent)

As some of my faithful readers may know (uh wait, do I even have faithful readers ? Ok, never mind), my in-laws have a nice house 5 minutes from the beach in South Finistère, on the West coast of France. It’s a beautiful region known as Brittany (la Bretagne, in French).

LescoMai13-21For those of you readers leaving in the US, think about the Maine coast, that would have to be the closest thing to it (although I’d take Maine over Britany in a heartbeat, any day).

LescoMai13-25There’s constantly a gorgeous, diffused light in this place that bathes everything lovingly, including when it’s overcast or rainy (which is, most of the time).

LescoMai13-17And I won’t even mention the gorgeous sunsets

LescoMai13-19you get the idea…

LescoMai13-42Oh, of course the dog came along

LescoMai13-31Had some fun with the kid on the beach

LescoMai13-06Look at this light, ain’t it special ?

LescoMai13-49This light truly makes the place a photographer’s paradise. You’d be hard pressed taking a truly bad picture (even though I manage it now and then !)

LescoMai13-33Oh yeah, I love the dramatic skies too. Massage that in any photo editing program and you get really wow pics (unlike this one, pretty neutral)

LescoMai13-08Every night we walk to the beach


LescoMai13-88Other typical holiday activities involve chilling out in one’s pj’s

LescoMai13-92cuddling with the pooch

LescoMai13-72or napping with Daddy

LescoMai13-73basking in that glorious light.

LescoMai13-132Goofing on the beach is also in order

LescoMai13-128The young man is becoming pretty strong

LescoMai13-121And still quite the guardian angel

LescoMai13-78One of our favorite joints for a quick and tasty meal

LescoMai13-57Loving the beach house toys that she discovers over again every time

LescoMai13-56My posse !

LescoMai13-55LescoMai13-77And one of my fave pics this time around. Next vacation stop : la Dordogne, in a little over a month. Can’t wait !


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4 Responses to West light (for Laurent)

  1. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful. You wouldn’t think it rained there at all, or perhaps your skill evokes that perspective. The kids sure look fabulous together, Colt looking truly majestic 😉

  2. Laurent says:

    Thanks for the post!!!!! Feeling nostalgic now…French Brittany has definitely some of the most awesome, ever changing light and landscape in France. Living in Midwest now, I miss the smell of the salty breeze, and the constant noise of the Herring Gulls very, very badly. Great lakes ain’t bad, but there are missing something.

    I have fond memories of a sailing trip I did in the Glenan islands. There is this island with (almost) wild horses who come and beg visitors for fresh water………Boy, that was 22 years ago….

  3. marla2008 says:

    Laurent, if you can convince the US immigration services to let us swap, we’ll be more than happy to trade your Midwest for our Bretagne 😉 (I mean it, too).

  4. Laurent says:

    lol…….good luck with that!

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