When the NEX ain’t good enough

I’ve stated, namely here on this blog, how much I love my NEX cameras. I think Sony did a great job with those little bodies, even if the lenses never really “made it” into a perfect system. To this day the only native E lens I truly love is the SEL35/1.8. Another that I can *tolerate* is the 18-55 kit zoom, but only because there is no alternative, aside from the 16-50 that I find slightly worse.

AnaisJuin13-01Yeah, fun pose, but hardly an impressive optical performance from the 18-55

So, E mount lenses basically are crap, for one reason or another. The only truly great one, the Carl Zeiss 24/1.8, is a longish lens (unacceptable for a wide angle, in my book) with an infamous price tag. The SEL50/1.8 is optically wonderful, but autofocus is sluggish bordering on unusable. The 16-50 power zoom is about as exciting as watching nails grow (and not all that optically capable, either). Need I go on ?

GwenJuin13-01But the one area where NEX cameras truly suck is *autofocus*

Yeah, you know, that seek little feature introduced in the 80’s (or nearby anyway) that lets the camera find perfect focus for you at the touch of a button, rather than racking your brains trying to figure it out with your eyesight and sometimes less than perfect eye-hand connection (don’t get me wrong, I love manual focusing in a lot of circumstances, and Focus Peaking is what makes the NEX cameras so great to start with).

AnaisJuin13-03First, the NEX takes its sweet time to *acquire* focus even on slow moving subjects

GwenJuin13-02I’m not even dreaming of trying to have it actually *track* focus (that’s what big bad DSLRs are for)

AnaisJuin13-02Not saying it doesn’t work, just that you’ll miss plenty of shots before it does

GwenJuin13-04Oh sweet Lord talk about being in the right place at the right time.

That’s not a particularly good shot though. It’s well timed and pretty, but I shouldn’t be maddly grateful to have gotten it. Hey, had I taken my D90 instead I would have a boatload of similar (and better) ones.

GwenJuin13-03Now we’re talking. But a DSLR still would have performed better.

MarlaJuin13-18So while I’m a very big fan of NEX cameras, I have to accept that they have limitations. Very real ones. If it weren’t the case, if the autofocus performance was on par with entry level DSLRs, or even with the excellent and very snappy latest m4/3 cameras by Panasonic and Olympus, I could ditch DSLRs altogether. But now ? Not yet…

AnaisJuin13-04However the NEX remains a wonderful way to pack a lot of photographic power in one’s purse. It is good at capturing the instant.

MarlaJuin13-16The dynamic range is pretty darn impressive

MarlaJuin13-17MarlaJuin13-19Sometimes she too thinks bigger is better, lol

AnaisJuin13-05For portraits though NEX does the job just right ๐Ÿ™‚

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One Response to When the NEX ain’t good enough

  1. I agree with every word, though your pics would not make any one believe a DSLR could do better!

    That portait of Anais? Classic beauty. ๐Ÿ™‚

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