Why a poor picture is better than no picture

OK, not always. But sometimes there are events in your life that are so important to you they need to be recorded, no matter what.

MarlaJuin13-91My daugher is a few months shy of 5 years old, and she’s been “riding” for about two years now. Recently she picked it back up after a solid 6 months interruption, and she’s made real progress over a short period of time.

MarlaJuin13-93Now very familiar and confident with her personal ride : Eclaire

And yesterday, during a lesson that was going particularly well, a big thing happened :

MarlaGalop-01SndMy baby loped for the first time !

I know this even is totally trivial, bordering on thoroughly uninteresting for about 7 billions human beings on this planet, but to me, her mom, and an avid rider since childhood myself, it was HUGE. Hair stood straight on my arms, tears swelled in my eyes and I was just about out of myself with pride, joy, emotion and excitement (oh yeah, and a little bit of fear, too). And yet I was there standing with a camera and compelled to record this historic moment.

I had the recently acquired Sony SLT A-57 with me, mounted with an old Minolta 70-210/3.5-4.5 zoom). The indoor arena was a nightmare of both low light and crazy contrast, with sun rays fiercely piercing the dusty darkness, creating the need for super clean high ISO performance and top-of-the-line DR (dynamic range).

MarlaJuin13-94I LOVE LOVE the DR on the Sony cameras I’ve used of late (the whole NEX series and the A37 and A57). Really, really good. Not that there aren’t any blown highlights, but thanks to the full time exposure preview *I* get to chose which ones I chose to let burn in order to render the scene closest to what I see.

MarlaGalop-024.5 yr old, and SO at ease, I can’t get over it…

MarlaGalop-01That’s the original color version of the black and white shot posted first. As you can see both versions are terribly grainy due to the very heavy noise that plagued the digital file. And you know what ? I don’t give a damn !

MarlaGalop-03I love those pictures, noisy or not I’m gonna cherish them for the rest of my life, and I bet my girl will, too, when she’s older. That’s when being able to take a picture, even a technically very flawed one, is a blessing.

MarlaJuin13-90In easier conditions the sensor fares pretty well. It needs much better lenses to shine, though.

MarlaJuin13-92I let the highlights blow a tad too much here, I should have gone with more shadows in the back of the arena…

MarlaJuin13-97MarlaJuin13-95NBpmI’m gonna have that printed, definitely.

MarlaJuin13-99PMHmm… maybe this one, too ! I love it when two people 27 years apart can share a true, full featured friendship. It’s pretty magical.

MarlaJuin13-100PMOf course it’s all possible thanks to this lovely mare

MarlaJuin13-98So as much as I love a good, clean, noiseless picture, I’ll take a bad one any time if the event is crucial enough.

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1 Response to Why a poor picture is better than no picture

  1. A girl after my own heart! A picture paints (as they say) a thousand words and I’d bet they aren’t words about shadow noise, chromatic aberrations and the like. A picture can be beautiful, regardless of any perceived technical flaw, and that is all that matters. I love the pic where Marla is leading the pony, and the one you’d have printed would be my publishing choice too. Amazing, as always. 🙂

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