The road to light

LightIs paved with choices, trials, and tribulations.

MarlaJuin13-102Summer might have gotten here, finally. Or has it ?

MarlaJuin13-101Well, our currants are slowly getting red at last

MarlaJuin13-103and we play outside after dinner

MarlaJuin13-105I’ve had trouble setting my new Sony A57 camera to deliver to the NEX standards. The SLT technology causes a 1/3 stop light loss and the camera has to bump the ISO to make up for it, hence being noisier than NEX at similar settings.

MarlaJuin13-104But after a lot of messing around with camera menus and options, I found some promising improvements

MarlaJuin13-108I’d rather have perfectly acceptable grain like here at 1600 ISO, than mushy detail smeared into watercolor by an overzealous in-camera jpeg engine

MarlaJuin13-106NBHigh ISO always works better in black and white

MarlaJuin13-109We’re leaving tomorrow for a week , and Marla’s cousin is coming along for the ride. A week in the South in a nice property with a large swimming pool is a pretty nice prospect;

MarlaJuin13-113When no more pictures are allowed, they let you know without the shadow of a doubt…

MarlaJuin13-107PMAnd if you don’t get it they’ll tell you again

MarlaJuin13-111Unless you can bribe them into posing for you

MarlaJuin13-112In which case the model attitude returns quickly

MarlaJuin13-114We have a 7 hour trip ahead, and at midnight my poor baby still couldn’t sleep. She’ll sleep all the better in the car tomorrow. And now I gotta pack the cameras….


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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One Response to The road to light

  1. Laurent says:

    Love the next to last picture!!!!! Can’t wait to see more of your work on the A57!!!!!. Bonne Vacances!

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