Christmas Eve in July

dc_Sony-a58_01aYeah, I know, I just dithed my Sony A57… So why would I get the 58 ?

Well, I think the 57 unit I had was rather on the wrong side of the quality control acceptance threshold. Ok, truth be told I think I got a dud, lol. The A58 is not a true upgrade to the 57 in the traditional sense of the term, as it improves on it in some areas, but is lower specified in others (in which it’s actually a sibling to the A37, which I also owned, and liked quite a bit, save for the terrible screen). What’s interesting in the 58, at least from my point of view, is that the aspects that are different from the 57 are actually *better* for my use. A simple tilt screen is a million times better for me than a fully articulated one, totally useless in my book. 460K is on the low side for resolution, but twice as much as the 230K that I found truly horrible in the 37.

The exposure compensation button has moved to a more convenient location on the back of the camera. I intend to shoot mostly in Manual mode anyway, but it’s still nice. The 20MP sensor is supposed to be cleaner and sharper than the 57’s, with a weaker AA filter.

The camera should be delivered tomorrow around 10am… Gonna be a long night 😉


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One Response to Christmas Eve in July

  1. Ha ha. Like a kid waiting to hear the sleigh bells ring……

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