Some more A58 samples

… and impressions. But not that many impressions in fact. Once I get comfortable with a camera’s performance and output, I promptly leave the “camera testing mode” and fall back into my usual photography. All that I can say is that if I still discover little things about the A58 now and then, overall its operation has become seamless, and I can concentrate on the pictures I want to make.

MarlaJul13-40I remain a portraitist at heart, what I love to shoot is people. Loved ones the most, and She above all.

I’m still in this phase with the camera when you pick it up and handle it just because you enjoy its feel in the hand. Playing with menus, messing up with buttons and settings. I leave in on late into the night and shoot stupid stuff like coffee mugs or my own toes, just to judge the high ISO performance. I’ll spare you the sight of my feet, but here’s my coffee table at ISO 3200 in terribly dim lighting.

TestA58-09Ah ah, pretty sweet for a dit cheap 20MP body…

In the morning I was able to bribe my kid into posing for me. She immediately turned the Elite Model switch on, which is pretty funny for a not quite 5 year old 😉

MarlaJul13-43Sorr for the cut off foot. Other than that I absolutely love how the A58 rendered the summer mid-morning light, very sweet, with pastel clarity and lovely sharpness.

MarlaJul13-42When she’s in the right mood she really loves the camera. And it loves her back.

MarlaJul13-46PMI have a bunch more… but you get the idea.

ColtJul13-08I thought a couple of more samples would be appreciated by some some folks pondering getting the camera

TestA58-10So here’s the full res crop at 100% from the above image. ISO 100, @2.8

ColtJul13-09One more

TestA58-11I can only imagine how sharp that would be stopped down to 3.5 or 4 !

So now that all reservations about IQ of the sensor are put aside, I must repeat that the A58 isn’t the pitiful downgrade fretful A57, 65 and 77 owners make it to be. It’s a small, cute, fun camera to use, and a seriously solid image making machine.

MarlaJul13-48ISO 500 28-75/2.8 @2.8

MarlaJul13-49To me that’s comparable to the NEX 7 IQ

MarlaJul13-50She loved getting her hair done

MarlaJul13-47ISO 200

MarlaJul13-41PMOK I guess by now you’re totally sick and tired of those pink dresses, so tomorrow I promise to try and find other subjects !


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8 Responses to Some more A58 samples

  1. Well, have to say its the mage quality at high ISO that i was interested in ( Being an A900 users ) The image at 3200 looks much better than I could get with mine, which is good news indeed ( That said the noise above 1600 that the A900 is infamous for is actually not horrific, you just need to know how to shoot and process such that its part of the image rather than a problem. )

  2. marla2008 says:

    The coffee table at 3200 looks extremely good resized indeed, and it’s very decent even viewed at 100%. However, keep in mind it’s hard surfaces here, a human face or even a pet wouldn’t look remotely as good, organic stuff suffers much more at high ISO in my experience. Just so not make sure to not underexpose and you should be fine, my processing in PS CS3 is very light and from jpeg files, with zero noise treatment. It’s a solid camera, no doubt !

  3. John Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You have a beautiful young model to work with. 🙂
    You’re quite talented!

  4. Laurent says:

    Do you already have the Minolta 50mm 1.7? I am curious about that lens

  5. marla2008 says:

    Yes Laurent I do !
    I guess it’s a screw drive motor focusing so it sometimes takes its sweet time and is far from silent, but overall it does the job and is optically on par with most 50/1.8 I’ve tried, meaning excellent. Very cheap, very good, no nonsens lens you can’t go wrong with. The Sony offerings are maybe faster and quieter (but I couldn’t confirm as I never tried them) but I doubt they make any better images. Mine is mint and came boxed, for the price it was a no brainer. I think I posted a pic of Marla and her 10 year old cousin last week, sitting arm in arm on a sofa’s armrest, made up and pretty as buttons. This was made with the 50/1.7, quite unvoluntarily stopped down to F4 (I wouldn’t have stopped it down furhter than 2.2, I love blurred backgrounds).

  6. Thanks for your diligent reviews. Really helped with selection process. I am very inclined towards the A58.

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