Face it : you won’t make art everyday.

Well, that still breaks my heart !

OperaJuly13-01I’d love to be able to deliver my daily load of good shots.

Alas, it is not always the case. I guess having a blog to feed on a regular basis makes the pressure worse. You *need* them shots to illustrate your thoughts, because a photohgraphy oriented blog without photos sounds a little phony, doncha think ? (the same way endless diatribes by gearheads on photo boards are rarely accompanied by pictures… I know what to think of the author then !).

MarlaJul13-52Yet today was a quiet day on the photo front. The event was elsewhere…

ClaireLulu-03I went riding. And not just taking any riding lesson…

ClaireLulu-05I went for a jumping session !!

Wow, before you laugh your head off at how puny this jump is, and how ridiculously forward I’m sitting compared to the miserable height I’m facing, please bear in mind this 44 yr old mon hasn’t jumped on a horse for well over a decade, and skillfully so for a couple more (ok, last time I was proficient at jumping, I must have been 12…).

ClaireLulu-01My last previous efforts to date had been a disaster, like 10 tries… 10 falls. So I needed a fresh start from scratch, with both a teacher I admire and wholeheartedly trust, and a perfectly safe horse : meet “Lulu”

Lulu is 19 years old. She’s the perfect schooling mare for a novice jumper like me, who also happens to be a chicken, and an average rider at best. Lulu was absolutely wonderful today, she babied me and made sure that everything was easy and smooth. Lulu thinks she’s old and today was hot, so she needn’t jump a single inch higher or faster than absolutely necessary. The whole experience was as comfortable and secure as sitting in my own couch.

ClaireLulu-06And, for a change, I was wearing a helmet ! (my own, too).

ClaireLulu-04The forward position come from expecting a much tougher bump, but with Lulu you hardly feel you’re jumping at all !! She doesn’t go high up, then hard down, she just breezes over the bars totally effortlessly.

ClaireLulu-02I ended up doing a three jump pattern and getting it right. Phew !

ClaireLulu-07That’s my teacher in the back, Gwen. The cutest horse lady on Earth. I literally trust that gal with my life. And, way more importantly, my kid’s (she’s Marla’s riding coach as well).

ClaireLulu-08Gwen purposefully kept the session short because 1) I suppose she didn’t want to overwhelm me and 2) it was dog hot and Lulu is an old lady, not to be overworked. We both enjoyed the dip in the pond.

MarlaJul13-51Then I came home and, business as usual, shot (figuratively speaking) my kid.

MarlaJul13-54In her dad’s arms

MarlaJul13-55As I said, no art today, just a couple of decently cute snaps.
MarlaJul13-53Guess I’ll have to be great tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Face it : you won’t make art everyday.

  1. Laurent says:

    No need to minimize your feat!!! For me anyone who dare to get on the back of a horse is either a superhero or a kamikaze, so jumping any kind of obstacle is beyond comprehension (ok I am afraid of horses)

    The last picture is totally cool

  2. You would be surprised on how many photography blogs get away with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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