Real life camera testing

Scientific based reviews of new cameras with extensive studio testing is a necessary evil. It gives a benchmark and comparable files that are useful to put sensors against each other. However for the ordinary user, nothing beats regular, real life shooting.

DanielsJul13-09You see how the golden early evening light is shining through that little boy’s hair ? No studio scene is going to emulate that…

We had close friends coming over for dinner today. They’re a very handsome family so it’s always a pleasure to shoot them at length. Their little boy was unwell and cried a good part of the evening, but I managed to capture him at times he was ok.

DanielsJul13-16Marla was a doll, lending him a bunch of toys and even her beloved tablet

DanielsJul13-14I shot the whole evening with the Tamron 28-75/2.8 XR Di

DanielsJul13-12And a few shots with my pet lens, the Sigma EX 50-150/2.8 HSM. The clarity and sharpness on the Sigma is unmistakable.




As you can see a little brother/sister is on the way…

DanielsJul13-04DanielsJul13-08DanielsJul13-11Overall I loved how the A58 and assorted lenses handle the light and colors tonight. They also operated very well and yielded a good rate of keepers in Lock On continuous AF. Tomorrow we’re leaving for my in-laws’ beach house in Brittany, which is a very important test for all my cameras since I’ve all taken them to that same spot since 2009, so it’s very easy for me to compare how they perform there.

ColtJul13-10I’m taking the A58 with 28-75 and 50-150 lenses, along with the NEX 7 with 35 prime and 18-55 zoom. Looks like I’m all set to shoot whatever lifes throws at me there.


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2 Responses to Real life camera testing

  1. Well… got some big boyz toyz! You captured some very nice intimate moments 🙂

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks 🙂
      Yeah I got it big gear to do fast action, but using nice fast AF lenses after having been restricted to almost all manual on the NEX for a year is liberating.

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