Brittany pics, here they come

I took both the NEX 7 and SLT A-58 to Brittany this week. I won’t bore you with many details, other than to say it was exceptionally hot and sunny (which is *more* exceptional there). Beach every day (to my despair, I love to walk, run or ride on the beach, but NOT lay on it under a merciless sun…), LOTS of seafood (Marla and I ate mussels 5 days out of the 7 we spent there), a (brief) fishing boat trip and a fantastic horseride in the surf were the ingredients of a successful stay.

LescoJul13-51I’m not overly happy with the pictures I shot. Not that the A58 didn’t deliver, it did. But the NEX 7 still has a definite edge over it in IQ (sharpness, clarity, detail). Once you’re used to those beautiful files of the NEX you become very, VERY picky about anything else… Anyway, here are the shots. Take your pick !

LescoJul13-39 LescoJul13-84LescoJul13-69LescoJul13-82LescoJul13-91LescoJul13-73LescoJul13-99LescoJul13-72LescoJul13-94LescoJul13-97LescoJul13-71LescoJul13-77LescoJul13-70On a purely photographic note : my love affair with SLT (recent Sony Alpha cameras) is over (yeah, it was quick, call it a fling if you like). My loyalty and commitment remains with the NEX. Not forever, either. If Sony can’t pull their head outta their ass and give me FAST AF with the next high end NEX model AND a 2.8 zoom to go with it, I walk… I want small, I want usable (tilt LCD, EVF) and I want a SYSTEM for Chrissake ! Hello Sony, that means LENSES. The only worthy SEL lens in my view as of today is the 35/1.8. All the others have some sort of flaw, too wide, too expensive, to slow, to big, too lousy, etc. Give us the freaking lenses, and give us at least up to last gen m4/3 AF. If the folks at Olympus can do it, surely everybody can ?!?


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7 Responses to Brittany pics, here they come

  1. Got to say it again, they are fantastic pictures. Amongst the best I’ve seen šŸ™‚

  2. marla2008 says:

    Hmmm, I guess that makes you unreasonably partial to my stuff then, lol. But thanks anyway, even If *I* can’t fathom much love for them…

  3. “On a purely photographic note : my love affair with SLT (recent Sony Alpha cameras) is over (yeah, it was quick, call it a fling if you like)”


  4. Dino Aranda says:

    Well, I am sorry to hear you fell out of love with your camera. I am personally enjoying the A58 and enjoy seeing your photos – your review was the reason I took the plunge and purchased the camera. If you ever want to unload your lenses please seek me out =)

  5. was it the unsharp images from the A58 that are annoying?
    or is it the handling of the large body [larger than nex] that u did not like ?

  6. marla2008 says:

    The A58 images aren’t unsharp at all (unless one screws them). I am just too used to mirrorless bodies now to go back full time to the bulk of a dslr styled body. Plus de SLT technology loses 1/3 light at all times and for a trained eye, it shows. Shot side to side with both my NEX 7 and Nikon D90, it just couldn’t better either (it did better the Niko for DR by about a mile though).

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