Are you a professional photographer ?

LescoJul13-135If the answer is no, than the ONLY person you have to impress with your photography… is you.

LescoJul13-54And yes that include your dog’s butt if you like the image overall. Why not ?

LescoJul12-26I put a big pressure on myself lately as the blog has been picking up some readership. While sharing ideas and images with more people makes me happy, trying to anticipate what would please others made me miserable.

LescoJul13-27Which is stupid. Because after all the folks returning to this page must sort of enjoy my stuff. Unsharp pics included.

LescoJul13-28Yes, this is the essence of what I’ve said all along. Photography is designed to capture our reality as we experience it, and convey *emotions*. Unless you’re a pathological pixel peeper, emotion is rarely sharpness, exposure, noise et resolution dependant. Emotion feeds on content, NOT form.

LescoJul13-150Shooting what you want, how you want to, and processing according to your taste is the surest way to blossom in this craft.

I took a lot of grief from online photo forum users because I talked about my editing process with jpeg files, and global unuse of RAW files. It’s been going on for years, and still goes on today. What do they care ?!? I’m not keeping anybody from spending hours on end on their RAWs if they want to, I just want to be free to be a bold jpeg shooter and if I screw the shot, it’s my problem !

SONY DSCI’ve also taken a lot of blows because of my illimited love of shallow depth of field. That’s a little war some (please, not all) m4/3 shooters love to make as they are a bit crippled themselves in the DOF department, so everybody heavily relying on DOF control for aesthetic or narrative purposes is a douche who “can’t properly handle backgrounds”. lol. Maybe I’d need a therapy to explain why I have never got past the oral/childlike fascination for creamy blurred background, or maybe it’s just my favorite tool in shed, or again it is what still makes my photographic soul shiver ?

PdtD50Anyway I read/hear a lot of people, friends, relatives wondering or downright asking what camera/lens they shoul buy (next). I’m tempted to sa it’s a little irrelevant. Grab a decent camera. Any one. But put a lot of thought in *what* you love to shoot. What makes you passionate and fulfilled and happy in pictures.

LescoJul13-136It’s no secret what I love to shoot above all is living beings in general, and children (all above mine) in particular

LescoJul13-38I love the way light ripples off children, their fair skin, their innocent soul

LescoJul13-33There’s something deeply poetic in their very physical selves, from their little faces all the way down to their velvety limbs

LescoJul13-37Any photograph is a moment in time, and a facing portrait is the most special of them. A second where your subject sees, acknowledges, and sometimes loves you. It’s a gift from them. You can shoot the same person 30 times within an hour, and still get a bunch of keepers because every expression is unique.

LescoJul13-160LescoJul13-142LescoJul13-61Most of what matters to me won’t matter much to most other people. And that’s FINE.


LescoJul13-58I love photography because it makes me feel grounded, in harmony with my surroundings, and peaceful. Since I don’t shoot to earn a living, it’s already meeting its goal as a very positive activity in y life. Shoot for yourself !



LescoJul13-152LescoJul13-147LescoJul13-154LescoJul13-143LescoJul13-161So next time you feel a little stressed out, a little out of goal in your photography, unsure of your results of unhappy with your gear, just take a minute off to ask yourself what makes you tick as a shooter, and go shoot just that. Don’t worry about what others will think of your pictures, make them to please yourself first. And as a side benefit you might discover that those very images are the one to gather some praise, because they will bring out your style and carry your vision. And for the amateur, ultimately that’s all that matters.



About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Aim.To.Please.Yourself

  1. Laurent says:

    Wait, did I see a cormorant in your picture? Uh uh uh!!!! (Sorry, 99% of the blogs I read are about birds, so I got overly excited!).

    “You can shoot the same person 30 times within an hour, and still get a bunch of keepers because every expression is unique.” I hope you realize that your daughter is an exceptional model, always extremely natural (I remember the picture you took of her with one of her friend/cousins a little while ago, both were very cute, but you could tell you daughter was a lot more natural than the other girl). It is virtually impossible to take pictures of my 4 years old son unless he is busy doing something. He simply has the most horrible fake smile you could imagine.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Yup, cormoran alright šŸ˜‰ It was a joke to myself as I shot the exact same spot last year, with what looked to be the exact same bird… Marla is that natural because she’s used of having a camera pointed at her at any time of the night or day. As you mentioned, her cousin tends to be self conscious and unnatural. When she tenses and serves me that (pitiful) forced smile, I just do NOT press the shutter. It’s a war of will until she gets bored, relaxes and lets go of the painful grin. As soon as she shifts her attention elsewhere I get the shot. This will make you laugh but if you can do it often enough it’s actually little different from training a dog or a horse. By NOT shooting when they’re nervous and looking at you, and outwaiting them until they let go, they start ignore you altogether…

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