50mm shootout, modern kids and chess games

Slow down here, it makes a lot of topics for a single post, doesn’t it ?!

MarlaJul13-58Wait a minute. What is it with today’s kids ??

MarlaJul13-59Memory serving me well (heck it should, I’m her mom), this kid is not 5 yet..Why is she 6 feet tall then ?!?#@&#*€ !!

Chess-01Totally different note: we’ve become addicted to chess ! We ordered a set and table straight from India, and I have to say those Indian crafstmen are awesome. If anyone needs a kit I’ll be glad to share the source…

MarlaJul13-57Old lenses still go strong. OM 50/1.8 wide open on NEX 7

Crop01100% unedited crop on 24MP !!

ColtJul13-11Somebody else has been growing… 9 months old today.

So where is this nifty shootout I promised ?? Ok, here it goes :

Raip50:1.8II“modern” Canon 50/1.8II plastic lens, very light, scrawny focus ring

Raip0M50:1.8Olympus OM/1.8 metal lens. Wide open. Very sharp

RaipMC50:1.4Rokkor (Minolta) MC 50/1.4 @F2. Also very sharp

RaipMD50:1.7Rokkor MD plastic 50.17 @F2. 30$ lens !

RaipPK55:1.8Pentax PK55/1.8 wide open. Beautiful metal lens.

What does it tell us ? Hmm.. not much. It’s a HIGHLY unscientific test. Everything is done handheld, and manually focused, exposure is slightly corrected after the fact. The Canon has a bit more contrast, has Canons typically do, the Rokkor MC is dreadfully sharp, as is the OM. A hair more saturation in the Canon and OM as well. For the rest, well, it’s pretty much a toss. What IS significantly different though, is the ease of handling in the various focus rings, and the amount of “peaking” each lens delivers in the camera. All three metal legacies have wonderful dampened focus rings. The modern Canon, being an AF lens, has a terrible, stiff and totally uncomfortable puny and skinny focus ring. It’s obnoxious to turn to the point of actually impairing proper focusing. Aside from that, it’s a very light and easy to hold little lens.

ColtJul13-12When I first started shooting NEX I was so unhappy with the (un) availalble AF offering that I used almost exclusively older manual lenses. My absolute favorite remains the PEN F 38/1.8. Sony is supposed to *finally* give us a proper fast AF zoom lens this fall. Fingers crossed…


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2 Responses to 50mm shootout, modern kids and chess games

  1. Sarah says:

    What do you use to attach the lens to the micro? I want to start playing with 50mm and thinking of getting one on ebay. Thanks!!

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