Another couple of shots from the 300D

Test300D-31I’m not lazy.

The reason I’m not shooting RAW on the 300D is the lethargic speed at which it flushes and display RAW files. Plus, if I’m more than willing to show my 10 yr old niece VERY basic editing adjustments like resizing or a little color or level tweakings, I’m NOT gonna get her involved with RAW files. So I’m stuck with jpeg.

Test300D-32The camera keeps impressing me with the faithfulness and filmic look.

Test300D-36DR ain’t that shabby after all.

Test300D-35My husband keeps whipping my butt at chess. It annoys me 😉

Test300D-335 yr old is a world of its own

Test300D-34What can I say ? The 300D files just make me smile !

Test300D-30With SB-600 flash. ISO 200.

Today I tried to shoot the 300D mostly in manual mode. To see how fast I could wrap my brains around getting me exposures right. Well, it won’t take just one day for sure, lol. For “normal” light it’s reasonably simple to make an educated guess of what shutter speed is needed for a given exposure and ISO, and still fall in a decent ballpark. But if light changes drastically (like on a bright summer day), then you need to wildly rethink your shutter or the exposure goes apeshit. Then, just when you think you got it figured out, aiming the camera at a slightly less bright area, then you’re off the charts again and need to rethink the whole deal. Again. It’s one tiresome venture, I tell you ! After a little messing around with that game you start loving dearly your camera’s meter, as wonky as it may have seemed previously. So all in all it was fun, and a good lesson, but I sure have got to keep on trying !

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