One thing I haven’t told you

My NEX 7 got sold last saturday.

Yes, I know, it’s a shock. For me as well. I hunted this unit (the 3rd for me !) of NEX 7 after a) I stupidly sold my beautiful, perfect, well priced and still under warranty first unit on a whim, not having given myself enough time to learn and love it. 2) Within a week of this I was miserable and wishing to God I hadn’t made that stupid mistake. I started looking for another one. Found on eBay (very cheap) a beater 7 that has been around the world but no papers no warranty. The LCD soon got badly bruised and after three screen surgeries (long stories) done at home it plain died. Sold it as is for chips. So this 3rd one was good and sound, a tiny cosmetic flaw but complete with box and unopened accessories + a lot of warranty remainder for a terrific price. Why the sale, then ?!?

Well, a subtle mixture of anticipation, frustration and revolt. As much as I adored this camera (I truly do, maybe like no other camera I ever had), two things are driving me mental about it : the AF performance NEEDS to be SERIOUSLY improved. It’s globally *acceptable* (note I didn’t say good), quickly becomes lousy if light dims, even slightly so, and is totally bullshit for any action shot. Or let me rephrase. For action shots it’s unreliable. You’ll get some, you’ll miss lots, and you’ll never know which. When I see the superb AF in ANY kind f light (including near darkness) my m4/3 used to have, I want the same. Discussion over. My second gripe, and it’s a worse one, is the lack of lenses. Yes, I know, there are more and more E lenses available right now. The problem is not too many of them are any good. I won’t list them all, but seems the 10-18 is a fine lens, except I don’t give a damn as I don’t need wide. Both 18-55 and 16-50 (which I owned several copies of each) are pretty pitiful. The 18-55 stays because I need a walk around, but I can’t say I’m thrilled with it. Again, compared to the brilliant Panasonic 14-45, it pales. The SEL50/1.8 is optically a beautiful thing (if physically a very uninspiring one) but the AF, err, can’t even write “performance”, so let’s say total lack of, made it go straight back to the store (thank you Amazon for your fabulous return policy). The SEL55-210 is a dud. Maybe I had a particularly bad copy but yikes, what a plain, slow, and overall unlovable thing. I read the 20/2.8 is not a star by any standards. The Sigmas are both ugly, too wide and/or too slow for me. That leaves us with the SEL35/1.8. Good, solid, reliable and well performing lens. A keeper. But one lens doesn’t make a system and WHERE IS MY FAST STANDARD zoom ??

Sony is *supposed* to release, or at least officially announce, a NEX 7 successor AND a quality fastish normal zoom… sometimes. WHEN remains a total unknown (rumors had it June, then August, now September…). I sold my 7 (and a bunch of other stuff, namely all my Alpha gear) in the intention of funding that messie camera IF it comes to life one day. In the meantime, and because I cannot reasonably stay NEXless, a humble little 3N will be tested, starting tomorrow. As usual, stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰


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3 Responses to One thing I haven’t told you

  1. I agree 100%! Sony need to sort their sh!t out or thee will be a ‘Dear John’ post in my blog future. I hope you like the 3N in the interim, it does it’s job with less flow than the 7, but almost equally as well. Looking forward to your review and pic asap ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Laurent says:

    I always wonder how Pana/Oly can manage to produce so many excellent lenses in so little time for their m4/3, while Sony has been shooting itself in the foot by lagging behind so much on that register. The Nex line deserves much better

    Quite frankly the NEX was on my short list of cameras, along with m4/3 (GX1) and a boring DSLR, but as much as I loved the NEX (and the pictures you took with them), the Autofocus performances scared me away.

  3. marla2008 says:

    NEX lenses are bound to be larger due to the larger imaging circle of the APS-C sensor, so maybe manufacturing good and affordable lenses for the NEX system is harder than it is for m4/3 (just a guess, I’m not an expert by any means). The AF performance of the NEX is not abyssal (Fuji’s used to be terrible before the numerous FW updates) but it sure ain’t solid enough to face all situations. Then manual focus is always doable due to the awesome Peaking feature that makes it REALLY accessible even by beginners with a great keepers rate. But 2.8 normal zooms are LARGE no matter what, so even if I was willing to use MF when walking around or traveling (when I prefer the convenience of AF), the compactness would still be defeated, so what’s the point ? I woudn’t be so enraged against a slow zoom if only the two NEX kit lenses weren’t so plain… They need to get their shit up to speed… soon !

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