Yet more Canon shots. And NEX thoughts.

MarlaJul13-60I can’t put the 300D down. I just can’t.

Test300D-39Test300D-38MarlaJul13-62I love this light

MarlaJul13-64The next NEX will kill it for DR. MarlaJul13-65On the phone with her granny

MarlaJul13-61Those two…

MarlaJul13-63MarlaJul13-66My favorite of the week. By far.

OK, so what’s shaking with the NEX ? All NEX models are on sale in the US. That can mean only one thing : new models ARE coming. And since the 7 is *also* on clearance it means that it IS getting replaced !! At last 🙂

MarlaJul13-67Which is great news from me because as much as I tried to imagine a future with a different mirrorless system, Fuji, not to name it, I just can’t bring myself to give up NEX. I know, it’s nuts, I’ve even grown fond of the wacko menu system (that along should tell you how deeply I’m addicted) ! Hords complain about how bad and illogical it is, but truly once you are accustomed to it there’s no issue at all. Tomorrow I’ll get the little 3N. Stay tuned 😉


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Yet more Canon shots. And NEX thoughts.

  1. Laurent says:

    First picture is seriously awesome.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Thank you Laurent 🙂 I’m personally fond of the dog sniffing her legs !

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