A lakefront 3 day week-end

LacAilette13-02We just got back from 3 days at Center Parcs, in the Northern half of France.

LacAilette13-06Those are vacation resorts built in heavily wooden areas, this specific one around a rather beautiful lake.

MarlaAug13-42We grabbed a last minute reservation on the web for the higher level grade of accomodation. Still too pricey for what it is, but nice enough.

LacAilette13-12The place looks and feel exactly like a American gated complex : nice. Fake.

LacAilette13-11I’m not complaining though. If you can get over the vacation factory flavor, it’s as nice as it can be.

ColtAug13-07For an extra fee (*everthing* costs extra there), you can bring your pet. So Colt came along. Our sweet, sweet, dumb Dobe. I swear the depth of his stupidity never ceases to amaze me. He must be the dumbest dog ever born.

LacAilette13-05The little house was convenient, decently comfortable, and tidy.

LacAilette13-04LacAilette13-01With a nice little body of water at the back

MarlaAug13-41Which Marla played at endlessly

LacAilette13-29But she spent most of her time swimming with her dad in the giant indoor pool complex, which I didn’t take any picture of, because water is crashing down from mulitples sources at any given time, and I didn’t want to ruin beloved camera. But take my word for it, she swam like mad and made huge progress…

LacAilette13-23And then there was… the lake.

LacAilette13-16Beautiful, serene, cool.

LacAilette13-34Alas, busy, too. Not overly crowded (modern humans would rather pile upon each other in a smelly oversized pool), but not remotely lonely as I would have wished it…

LacAilette13-24No matter. Oblivious of everyone, my child just fell under its spell.

LacAilette13-14So we all did. Lakes are special, and we are lake freaks. We thrive on lakes.

LacAilette13-18The one and only time Colt could go off leash (too busy otherwise, he’s not tame enough yet, being just a silly teenage dog, sweet and goofy but big, powerful and scary if you don’t know him).

LacAilette13-26The tilt is not intentional, but I like the picture so I kept it.

LacAilette13-10This one is (deliberate). Check out the crazy swirly bokeh from my new pet lens, the Navitar 75/1.3 (wide open… what else ?!)

MarlaAug13-29That’s one sweet portrait lens as well

MarlaAug13-31Pretending to smoke like Daddy (which is bad, bad !)

LacAilette13-30Every distance is covered by bike (rented extra, of course…)

LacAilette13-27I tire not of those lake moments

LacAilette13-28LacAilette13-17Marla neither

LacAilette13-20LacAilette13-15LacAilette13-32Wanna guess what that is ?? The butt of a departing edgehog. BIG one, too.

LacAilette13-33Came to raid Colt’s dish. We heard noise, checked it out, and this little guy was munching on Colt’s Royal Canin kibble !! The expression of sheer outrage on the dog’s face was just the funniest thing we’d seen in weeks.

MarlaAug13-37Aside from hanging near the water

LacAilette13-09There were a lot of bubble baths involved

LacAilette13-08Map checking (Marla is fascinated with maps. Maybe Daddy being a surveyor has something to do with it ?)

MarlaAug13-44Watching the caught bumblebee humm in its glass jail

MarlaAug13-43and a Scooby Doo flick on her tablet.

LacAilette13-03We were blessed with gorgeous days and warm evenings

ColtAug13-06and overall Colt acted great.

LacAilette13-25And that’s my very fave of the week-end. It’s fuzzy with motion, the horizon is not clinically straight, but my kid will look at it twenty years from now and the feel of the lake will come flooding back her senses. To me that’s the perfect picture as “encapsuled memory”. That’s why I photograph for.


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4 Responses to A lakefront 3 day week-end

  1. -et- says:

    If you consider your Doberman rather dumb, you have never had a Dalmatian. We’ve had both breeds, and by comparison the Dalmatian was just four legs and a set of conditioned reflexes. She was a sweet dog and a nice pet, but by far the least intelligent of many, many breeds of dogs we have had over the decades.
    We’ve had only one Dobie, so I have no personal knowledge of how typical he may have been, but he was quite intelligent. Not as smart as the dachshunds have been, but as smart or smarter than the German Shepherds, the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, the Chihuahua, etc.

  2. Or perhaps a Great Dane, we have had two and both were wooden headed. Colt is beautiful and seemingly calm for such a youngster……….in comparison to Bella that is.

    What a beautiful place. The fabulous pics surely enhance that, but it looks gorgeous, I quite like the gated community feel.

    We may complain about our 10 months of Winter, but this year the summer has more than made up for it.

    Once again, I just cant pick favourites as they are all fabulous> I get to one and think ‘oh, that’s the best’ and then I get to the next one and think the same!

  3. marla2008 says:

    Oh yes Tracy, I was forgetting about the Great Pains, lol 😉

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