Tonight, she said yes


MarlaAug13-66PMYes ! I somehow succeeded convincing my kid to pose for me πŸ™‚

I bet every parent to a young child reading this blog (and I’m ready to speculate a lot of my readers have small kids, since it’s pretty much 90% of what I shoot) routinely runs into the stubborn refusals and steely willed rebukes of their beloved offsprings. I know I do. I got my share of five spreaded little fingers plus palm close-ups as my daughter vehemently indicates, in the most graphic way, her opposition to my photographic attempts.

MarlaAUg13-64But sometimes I get lucky. I’ll ask nicely enough, or she’ll be in a kind mood and and actually play the game.

MarlaAug13-68Once started in Elite Model mode, she tends to easily go a bit overboard…

MarlaAug13-65So giving her something to do helps to keep her natural

MarlaAug13-69… for a while anyway.

MarlaAug13-74Now that’s more like it


MarlaAug13-72Do I need to mention that all those are from my new pet lens, the Navitar 75/1.3. All manually focused, of course (you can do it too, with a little try).MarlaAug13-73MarlaAug13-71Let’s hope I’ll be convincing again tomorrow…



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3 Responses to Tonight, she said yes

  1. laurent says:

    Big fan of the last 2, most definitely, mostly because of the wood beam perspective……

    I have a new love (which, like most previous ones of that kind, will likely remain platonic). The Lumix GX7….this bad boy is keeping me awake at night. But, of course, I don’t really need it…..but it would look so cool with one of those adapted lenses…..

  2. marla2008 says:

    Ok Laurent, let me say this once and for all. It’s a *perfect camera*… except it has that small m4/3 chip in it. Me says : NO DICE πŸ˜‰

  3. laurent says:

    I know, I know. You are right, of course….

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