Giving thanks

I’m a pretty positive person. I always look for the bright side of things. And I believe in gratitude. Ungrateful people are sad and miserable beings. No matter what is thrown at us we have to remember to be grateful for the good things in our lives, which we tend to overlook.

MarlaAug13-101I consider myself blessed in life, so gratitude isn’t an issue for me, I cannot be anything but grateful.

However I want to use this specific post to give thanks. I started this blog a little over a year ago, initially pretty much as a personal photo journal, an illustrated diary where I could showcase my preferred pictures and liberally reflect on chosen events in my life.

MarlaAug13-94At first, I made almost no promotion for the blog whatsoever. I didn’t even tag posts, and the readership was nearly family sized. A handful of real life friends of mine, a few virtual (but genuine) friends via Facebook, and the odd photographer fellow suscribing to follow (hello Laurent 😉 !).

MarlaAug13-102After a while I started posting a few links to some specific posts here and there (my regularly visited photo boards, usually), and using some tags for posts where particular gear was mentioned.

ColtAug13-14Then I started picking up of readership and thought it’d be nice to try and drive a teeny bit more traffic, so I wrote a couple of camera reviews which I linked to on a few photo fora. It definitely brought the blog some extra interest.

MarlaAug13-100This is mostly a kid/pet photos blog (though I will post totally different pictures from time to time ranging from horse jumping to landscape, detail/artsy shots, and anything in between)… The very nature of my stuff will attract some viewers, and repell others, in equal proportion.

MarlaAug13-95What I advocate in this blog is pleasure photography. I say “it’s not the camera”, and I mean it, too. I often comment on various camera models as I get to try a lot, but this very switching consistently reinforces my belief that what matters is in front of, and behind the camera. Not the gear itself.

MarlaAug13-99Whatever you like shooting, that’s what you’ve got to do. I personally love photographing living beings, and kids in particular. I’m reinventing my vision of childhood one picture at a time, and it’s a life project in itself. I have my photographic ups and downs, moments of grace and hours of doubt, but overall this craft/hobby/art makes me very happy and content.

JardinAug13-01And of course, all the nice, positive, and heartwarming comments you guys have been giving lately are a fantastic and powerful encouragement to keep on pushing the boundaries, giving you more pictures, sharing more gear opinions and life experiences with you.

MarlaAug13-96So I want to give each and every one of you who has visited, commented on, or suscribed to the blog a very big THANK YOU. You are keeping me company on this photo journey and motivating me to achieve good enough shots that I am not ashamed to share them with you.

MarlaAug13-98Somebody suggested that the “Toy camera” mode in the NEX cameras was well worth a try, and indeed…

ColtAug13-19Spur of the moment, that’s the thing (and no, he’s not trying to eat her alive, lol)




ColtAug13-18And as a special treat I kept the best one for last. This one has been saved as a file large enough that it can be enlarged, printed and hung in my home…

MarlaAug13-97PMI still ponder turning it to portrait orientation though. Feel free to advise me on that !


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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4 Responses to Giving thanks

  1. laurent says:

    Portrait orientation is great, specially with the door frame and wall lines!!!! Thanks for your blog. It teaches me (almost) everyday something new I can apply (or, more accurately, try to apply) to my own photography.

    By the way, hope you don’t think I am too chatty on my comments. It is my habit to leave a note on whatever blogpost I read. 30 seconds to thank the author for the 2 hours he/she spend to give me 5 minutes of reading pleasure (and/or knowledge).

    Your daughter in that picture looks almost like a teenager! Those kids are growing fast.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Chatty is how I like it !! It’s exactly how I hoped to interact with readers, and what I like to do with my own favorite bloggers (Kirk Tuck, Olivier Duong, etc…). A blog is not a formal website, and I feel conversation and exchange of ideas is an important part of the experience. As a matter of fact I’m considering allowing pictures in comments. Olivier of the F8 blog allows it and I really enjoy being able to add an image to my comments now and then. Yeah, kids grow so fast it’s insane, she does look almost a teen in many photos and she hasn’t turned 5 yet !?!

  3. laurent says:

    I have a question for you. it can be very bright outside here (specially in winter), and even at iso 100, I often can’t use anything wider than f5.6. Do you think a ND filter is a totally crazy idea for outdoor portraits?

    I don’t know any of those blogs, but I will definitely check out. I can add more non bird related blogs to my list!

  4. marla2008 says:

    Check them out. Kirk Tuck is a master portraitist and has a great take on life in general. Olivier is a talented and warm hearted young father and multi talented photographer and designer, and both of them are real human beings who actually read and answer their comments.

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