The D90 strikes again

Has22Aug13-35A couple of years back my husband gave me a Nikon D90 for my birthday.

It’s been my main camera for quite a long time, until a Full Frame D700 came along. Later when I sold the D700 in need of cash, I felt like trying something new and went mirrorless with the Panasonic GX-1, then numerous Sony NEX cameras. I could never quite go back to a DSLR once I got hooked to the small hybrids, so the D90 has basically been sitting on a shelf ever since. There is, however, a situation for which mirrorless cameras don’t cut it yet : action shots. If you’re trying to nail birds in flight or racing hounds or jumping horses (or a million other fast moving targets, young kids being another fine example), the contrast based autofocus system or mirrorless cameras has trouble keeping up. m4/3 cameras are much better in this regad that NEX, NX or FUJI X, but still not on par with real DLSRs. So whenever I head to the stables with the plan of shooting jumping, the D90 comes along.

Has22Aug13-34Yeah, that kind of shots.

I’m not saying NEX canNOT do it. They just can’t do it as well and naturally and painlessly as DSLRs do.

ChivasAug13-01And everytime I get to shoot the D90 for everything else I’m reminded of what a fine, fine camera it is, despite being 5 years old.

Has22Aug13-25The main difference a 5 yr old sensor has with current ones is lower DR and lack of live exposure preview. Both things make me opt for RAW + jpeg on my Nikon. Whatever exposure niggles I can’t anticipate due to the lack of an EVF are easily dealt with in post processing if needed.

Has22Aug13-26Here Marla got lucky. She got to ride with her instructor, Gwen, on the stables’ most promising jumping prospect, Viva.

Has22Aug13-11Though 5 years is huge in the digital realm, the D90 still delivers flawless output, keeping in mind I was using a super cheapo plastic telezoom from the 80’s…

Has22Aug13-24The RAW file came really handy to exploit this strongly backlit shot

Has22Aug13-12Sure, skies are mostly blown but overall tonality is pretty good

Has22Aug13-13Marla and Chivas are long time friends now

Has22Aug13-02This body+lens combo would be worth about 430€ on the used market today. Less than any entry level DLSR with average-at-best kit lens. Pretty smart buy IMO…

Has22Aug13-09As long as there is decent light, you don’t need the greatest and latest to make proper pictures.

Has22Aug13-20Picking the best angle is another story (I’m new at this, so be kind, lol)

Has22Aug13-16Has22Aug13-10Has22Aug13-18Now *that* is beautiful technique !

Has22Aug13-31Has22Aug13-33Has22Aug13-21Has22Aug13-17Lili wanted to be a part of it

Has22Aug13-03Yeah, blown highlights. Sue me 😉

Has22Aug13-31Has22Aug13-22Has22Aug13-23“Hey you ! Don’t creep on me”…

Has22Aug13-06Oh geez, trotting is fun !

Has22Aug13-04Has22Aug13-05Has22Aug13-01Has22Aug13-29Has22Aug13-27Has22Aug13-28Boy, she had a good time !

Has22Aug13-32So sometimes to give old cameras a workout 😉


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6 Responses to The D90 strikes again

  1. laurent says:

    I think we have reached a sensor quality plateau, and many cash strapped photographers can now enjoy great quality cameras for great prices. Those pictures are all really great.

    And the dog seems pretty friendly (I am usually scared to death by dogs of all sizes. so it is a huge compliment from me).

  2. marla2008 says:

    I totally agree on the IQ plateau, it’s becoming hard to top recent offering without swinging lenses with price tags in K$…

  3. marla2008 says:

    By the way which NEX do you have Laurent ??

  4. laurent says:

    Wait, when did I say I have a Nex? I don’t have one. Just a refurbished T2i with a cheap used 50mm 1.8, and still using my old pana bridge camera for macro stuff.

  5. marla2008 says:

    Ah sorry, my bad. The T2i is a gem, so is the 50/1.8, hang on to them !

    • laurent says:

      I am also using an old small pana P&S for digiscoping (hoping to get a used Nikon J1 one day for that, that’s possibly the best camera for that niche).

      Goal last year was to upgrade my kit without breaking the bank, so a refurbished DSLR was a good deal for me (I think I spend $450 for the set). And, of course, I can also rent a 400mm Canon for bird pictures if I want to, so it works pretty well for me.

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