The best people lens. Ever.

DanielsAug13-02The Navitar 75 has struck again

DanielsAug13-04The vignette, the micro contrast, colors and sharpness. I LOVE it.


DanielsAug13-09It truly brings the subjet forward and fades the rest away in poetry


DanielsAug13-13And I’m not even mentioning the delicate skintones and colors



DanielsAug13-17Of course, drop dead gorgeous models do help 😉

DanielsAug13-14That’s not the Nav : OM 50/1.8 wide open

DanielsAug13-18DanielsAUg13-21Nav again


DanielsAug13-22DanielsAug13-20DanielsAug13-23DanielsAug13-24And now the SEL 35/1.8 :

DanielsAug13-25Overall a great visit with dear friends. A good day.


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3 Responses to The best people lens. Ever.

  1. I think you are right, for Legacy you wouldn’t get much better. Beautiful pics, beautiful family! 🙂

  2. laurent says:

    Nice pics…funny the pic #15 does not show the twirling effect at all. Focus was probably a tad too far for that.

    I am sometimes confused by the “holy trinity” of fixed focal lenses. Many people talk about 30-50-85, without mentioning if it’s for a crop sensor or not. I think my next lens with certainly be around 30mm (mm probably after we are done with pre-school bills though, I hope you enjoyed the french ecoles maternelles), but I wonder if on the long run I should aim at 20-30-50mm or 30-50-85mm. Do you have any tip?

  3. marla2008 says:

    I think the Holy Trinity of 35, 50, 80, is meant in FF, which would equate to 24, 35 and 60 on APS-C, or close anyway. Since I’m not comfortable with any prime wider than 50 (FF), the SEL35 is perfect for me as a versatile and walk-around AF lens. At 50mm (giving a 75mm equivalent) the choice is endless, I’ve literally had dozens of nifties and finally settled on the OM 50/1.8 since it shares the same adapter as my other wonderful fast OM primes (100/2.8, 135/3.5, and I’m considering adding a 200/4). Then I have this amazing Navitar 75/1.3, which is a perfect portrait lens giving roughly a 112mm equivalent. The Nav doesn’t swirl at all distances. It’s capable of very smooth bokeh up close, and regular oof areas past infinity.

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