Shoot even when you don’t have to

CannelleSept13-06Ok, I didn’t make any interesting shot those past few days

I’ve been working really hard at getting a job position, which seemed very promising. I had the skillset, I had the motivation, and the job interview went great. Or so I thought, I ended up *not* getting the position, but it kept me busy for a few days and not shooting much.

MargotAug13-05Whatever I do I still try to shoot daily.

MarlaSept13-01I don’t always nail worthy shots, but I feel compelled to post anyway as a sort of life discipline, a workout.


CannelleSept13-03Oh, by the way I don’t shoot flash much anymore due to the excellent high ISO performance of the various NEX bodies, but when I decide to, it looks like this. For info this is with the 3N’s much maligned built-in unit, too.

MargotAug13-06Lil’ girls and lil’ dogs…

CannelleSept13-04Yup, Cannelle gets to play Barbie too !

CannelleSept13-02Olympus OM 50/1.8 wide open

CannelleSept13-01I guess I don’t need to explain why the Navitar is by far my favorite lens ?

CannelleSept13-05The princess dog in the princess bedroom : a lot of white and fluff, which the 3n’s sensor deals with pretty gracefully.

My last NEX 7 unit has come… and gone. A technical issue had me sending it back to the seller in hope for a satisfying settlement. Can’t wait to get a functional one back.


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3 Responses to Shoot even when you don’t have to

  1. laurent says:

    Hard to believe you did not get the job. When you left the airport job, Charles de Gaulle probably lost 50% of its entire English speaking employees. But, obviously, finding a job in France right now is a little bit of a pain, I was considering moving back to France last year and eventually gave up,

    Hope you get a settlement for your camera.

    Fall is already around here in Michigan. The september light gave me the usual troubles this week end. Harsh light, blue skies and cool weather. I am still juggling between trying to use the flash as a fill (and stepping down to f4 or f5.6) or no flash and getting those harsh shadows on the faces. I have yet to take a good look at my pics on a computer, but my guess is the result is probably not that great.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Yeah, I had trouble believing too, lol. But hey that’s the past, will do better NEXt time around 😉
    As much as I’ve pretty much mastered indoor on-camera flash, I never figured out fill flash outside, so I certainly feel your pain ! Make sure to have your in-camera DR enhancing feature turned on (can’t for the life of me remember how it’s called in the Canon world), if just blow the highlights as acceptably as you can. You can always pull shadows back a bit in post. The greatest asset of Sony sensors is their amazing DR, and I couldn’t go back to a camera with lesser one.
    I already offered to switch homes/countries with you but I see you’re being difficult 😉

    • laurent says:

      Wait, I thought the DR thing was the opposite. Thought I had to turn it off, not on. Seems like I am on for another testing session!

      Do you think you would survive the Michigan winters?

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