Another case of bad is better than none

EnoraSept13-03Enora is Marla’s 11 yr old riding pal, and when she jumps she looks like me, lol ! (crouching forward despite the minimal height, I do that to !)

That doesn’t make her riding any less impressive and enthusiastic for her age. She’s also a beautiful kid and very nice to have around. I’m glad she gets to ride with Marla because it makes for challenging lessons that pull my own kid upwards.

MathileSept13-01Mathilde, young competitive jumper from our team, having fun today

MarlaSept13-08Last but not least, Marla who actually got to lead the session

This was a perfect case of when bad pictures are better than no pictures at all. All my shots came out very noisy (had to use ISO 1600 in the dimly lit, but crazy contrasty, arena), most of them blurred due to unsuficiently high shutter speed, and too makes things worse I was manually focusing an old adapted Sigma 28-70/2.8-4 zoom in Canon EF mount. The AF SEL18-55 F:3.5-5.6 will hardly sustain a 1/60th shutter speed at the very best, while the brighter zoom ranging from 2.8 to 4 allowed speeds up to 1/125th, and even 1/160th.

MarlaSept13-05So badly lit, noisy, not tack sharp pics… but pics nonetheless

MathileSept13-03And we had loads of fun !

EnoraSept13-01Enora hadn’t ridden for a while but she got it right back

MarlaSept13-07Marla handled herself beautifully and just as well as the bigger girls

MathileSept13-02That’s the kind of “bad” picture that it’s sweet to have


EnoraSept13-02and more smiles.

MarlaSept13-09About to lope…

There was a tiny drama at the end of the session. Marla loped a couple of laps and fell off at the end. To my huge surprised she landed smiling and saying “I ain’t even scared”, so I sat her right back on her poney and a few minutes later she loped a few strides in the other direction. Boy, was I proud.

MarlaSept13-10Here’s a bit of loping I snapped on the fly

Another day in an amateur photog’s life, an important one for a 5 yr old rider who bravely faced her very first fall today. On a photographic note I wish I had a NEX 6 today. Why ? Because of all NEXs, the 6 has the best high ISO performance, and out of camera sharpness. The colors are great too. In fact, unless you need the huge resolution and cropping power of the 7’s 24MP sensor, the 6 has in my view the best IQ among the NEX. Why don’t I buy another 6 then ? I had two of them but could never bond with either. The build quality isn’t up to the 7, and the interface not remotely as nice as the 7’s TriNavi, not to mention the 6 is fugly šŸ˜‰


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5 Responses to Another case of bad is better than none

  1. Hey, it’s a great set from the human perspective, full of activity and humour. Technically I think you pulled it off too, with that crazy lighting, shite lenses and all that motion! I’ve had most NEX bodies too, and surprisingly never bought the 6….because its Fugly šŸ™‚

  2. marla2008 says:

    Fugly but Gooooood… Though no need to try it now that you have that awesome Nikon šŸ˜‰

  3. laurent says:

    The last one is actually quite good to my eyes……and joy and happiness fill all the other ones!!!!! (I am worried for the little poney with an adult on his back it not too hard for the poor little fellow?)

  4. marla2008 says:

    Naahh, the ponies are fine, this girl is a teenage and doesn’t weight much, ponies are sturdy ! We all had a blast indeed šŸ™‚

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