Bodies, lenses and processing, the holy trinity

Ever heard of (or read about) the so called holy trinity in photography ? It ususally refers to three lenses, primes or zooms depending on what you like, that are suppose to cover pretty much every photographer’s need.

MarlaSept13-20Another all important trinity could be aperture, shutter, ISO, that determine final exposure.

But today I want to talk about a more global trinity of modern photography : camera body, lens, and post processing.

CannelleSept13-10A digital capture is little without post processing. Colorful,


CannelleSept13-10Sndvintage. Take your pick

So while a majority of people agonize over choice, or virtues/flaws, of such and such camera bodies, let us remember of what paramount importance lenses and processing are to the final result. The first picture posted above is from my beloved Navitar 75/1.3. It’s a weird and rare lens adapted from industrial use. It doesn’t completely cover the APS-C imaging circle, reason why it vignettes beautifully (but doesn’t on m4/3). It’s by far the favorite lens I ever owned. I plan to keeping it pretty much forever. That image above has had nearly zero processing, save for downsizing and a hair of sharpening intended to restore detail lost in the process. The lens itself gives this amazing contrast, depth and character.

CannelleJM-02Olympus PEN F 38/1.8

Overall on my NEX bodies I use more older, manual focus lenses, than I do modern, native AF lenses. Initially that was due to the E mount lens selection being both very limited and not very good. It’s slowly getting a bit less limited and a little better. Nothing to get excited about, but usable.

MarlaSept13-18The only SEL I truly enjoy is the 35/1.8

MarlaJMSept13-01But it focuses pretty bad/slow in low light, so I usually use the PEN for that (as here)

MarlaSept13-19Super thin DOF has its downsides. Here critical focus in on Cannelle’s face, not Marla’s

MarlaSept13-21I know I sound like a broken record, but NEX DR is top notch

MarlaJMSept13-02Low light ain’t bad either, though WB tends to get a little wonky

CannelleJM-013 kgs vs. 95 kgs

MarlaSept13-22“No photos Mama !”, she said…


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4 Responses to Bodies, lenses and processing, the holy trinity

  1. laurent says:

    Great pictures as usual. The cute dress helps too.

    I need a 30/35 mm lens for sure.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Weirdly enough there is no cheap 35mm in Canon’s line up ! There is a 35/2 that is rather old but still fetches good good money, and the insanely good 35/1.4L that is very expensive, while Nikon and Sony have much more affordable options, at least in the DSLR realm (the Nikkor 35/1.8G is one of the best/cheapest lenses around). Sony’s SEL35 is a tad pricey but the SAL version sells for chips and is hugely useful.

  3. laurent says:

    I know. That’s a mistake I did. I always know I was going to buy an entry level rebel +50mm 1.8+35mm f2, and the total cost of the three was below what I could get with Nikon and Sony. But I did not know the 35mm f2 was not that great. Or I could buy the cheap 35mm (you can find it used for 230-250 refurb, so it is not that bad) and keep it for a while, until I buy the fancy 35mm 1.4.

    Or I could also go with the new Sigma 30mm 1.4. But not cheap.


  4. marla2008 says:

    I never heard bad things about the 35/2, quite the opposite, and the prices you’re talking about are pretty good. If you can, I’d go ahead and grab one. Getting a “50mm equivalent” gives a huge versatility. It is very clear to me that if I could keep only ONE focal length, it’d be the one.

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