NEX 7, an undying love story

TestNEX7#4-01Sony NEX 7, SEL35/1.8 wide open, ISO3200

Today I received my 5th sample of the Sony NEX 7. That sounds stupid, I know. Unlikely, even. However, it’s true. The truth is that I should never have sold the very first unit I got, but the camera had me slightly confused at first and I didn’t take the full measure of its greatness from the get go. It’s only shortly after parting with it (like, 12 hours ??) that I started  to feel that I’d made a mistake.

MarlaSept13-37Forgot I had set it at ISO 3200, came out clean as a whistle :-$

I won’t bore you with the various details of the next 4 units and the tortuous path that took me to Number 5. Just let me give you a tip : do NOT attempt a LCD replacement if it becomes scratched or ugly.  It’s totally feasible by a moron like me, but then stupid tiny treacherous plastic parts break on you and your 1100$ camera is good for the dump, unless you like shooting blind…

MarlaSept13-41And whichever of those five NEX 7 I used, they all did the same thing extemely well : capture the moment gracefully.



CannelleSept13-11That’s a perfect case of screwed up focus. Nose in lieu of eyes

MarlaSept13-39It’s been months than rumors of a NEX 7 replacement have been thrown all over the web. And at this point I care very little whether they come true or not. I’ve just secured a perfectly good, mint, flawlessly functioning NEX 7 and I intend to KEEP it.



MarlaSept13-45Along with it I’m still shooting the amazing little 3N. The 3N looks very much like a stripped down 7, same sleek design but EVFless.

MarlaSept13-39I look at them side by side, resting peacefully on my couch next to my sleeping lapdog, and I’m awed at the huge power packed inside those tiny, black metal clad guys.

MarlaSept13-38Yes, my kid wanted to try my spinach smoothie

MarlaSept13-43So I just want to say this : of all the countless cameras that I’ve owned, played with, used, borrowed, re-sold or whatever, the NEX 7 certainly is right up there with the Nikon D700 for image quality, and probably unchallenged and unequalled for overall shooting experience and inspiration factor. If you’re curious about the NEX system and your budget allows it : GET ONE !


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5 Responses to NEX 7, an undying love story

  1. tracy says:

    Ok, you’ve persuaded me!………I agree, the 7 is hard to beat, NEX in general have hard to beat IQ. Dead beat lenses being the only serious flaw, although more are promised. Great set btw, not everyone could do that with a NEX 😉

    • marla2008 says:

      Tracy thanks, that’s why I’m now embarking on a totally new adventure to be able to adapt A mount AF lenses. There are much more of them than the not so great E mount ones, we’ll see what happens !

  2. Great images as always! Just resently found your blog, and I’m so happy I did. I’ve been using an NEX 5N to capture my daughter growing up during her first year, and your tips and images from you own NEX cameras are inspiring.

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks for the kind words ! I did see your work and was impressed, you do put that NEX to great work ! The 5N was my first love and it’s a true classic, I was recently tempted to get another one. I think I’m turning into a real NEXaholic, lol…

  3. laurent says:

    Great love story. Hope to see pictures of the wedding soon.

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