A little song and dance with the 16-50 2.8 SSM

A short break in my LA-EA2 review.

16-50SSM-01I shot the 16-50 2.8 SSM a bit today.

Having received the lens yesterday, I had a few moments of clarity. 1) 16-50 is NOT the range I need. It’s way too wide for me, a 28 or 24 to 70 or 75 is way more useful for what I shoot. 2) 2.8 is still not bright enough for indoor use without flash, especially once you account for the light loss that goes with the SLT tech in the LA-EA2, making it more an actual 3.2 as far as light gathering goes (the 2.8 DOF capability is maintained, though).

MarlaSept13-67So right upon receiving the lens I knew I was likely not to keep it.

FlowersSept13-02But I decided it’d get a workout anyway

MarlaSept13-69Soon to realize it’s pretty awesome.

ChessSept13-01It’s very sharp, contrasty, with fast and 100% silent AF.

TamarisSept13Color reproduction is beautiful

16-50SSM-03Bokeh is a tad busy but still pleasant

MarlaSept13-66With a nice 3D feel to it

CannelleSept13-19Even a big lens can be shot close to the ground thanks to the NEX tilt screen

MarlaSept13-68It’s ridiculously good for a zoom !!

All in all it’s screaming at me to keep it. I’ll take it for a spin at the stables on Wednesday and see what happens. In the meanwhile if you’re debating getting one and it’s in your budget, I can only testify it’s a very lovable piece of glass 🙂


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One Response to A little song and dance with the 16-50 2.8 SSM

  1. Yup, there is a serious pop to these images. Lovely contrast and colour and the bokeh is there too. It’s a great zoom, but like you I find the focal range a tad limited. The one of Marla outside with SB is my fave 🙂

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