Fall is on the way. Get ready to get bored

This morning I took advantage of the glorious weather to go out for a run. I try to do so three times a week but sometimes the weather truly interferes. Today was just gorgeous, blue skies, perfect temperature (bordering on a tad too warm on the way back, but exertion might have had something to do with it !), light breeze, clean smelling country air. Perfect. It felt great and sweet and energizing. Then I got thinking that this is the end of the long, warm days, and before we know it winter will be upon us and we’ll be left photographing our feet, kids, dogs, all indoor, mushy and noisy. Oh, and coffee mugs (all enthusiasts I know shoot a lot of tableware, lol).

CannelleSept13-36There’s no much way around it. My own living room is extremely dark in anything but crazy bright sunlight. And unless the weather is extremely clear and sunny I pretty much need to have lamps burning at all times (yeah, not too great for the planet, I know).

MarlaSept13-111I’m afraid from now on you readers are gonna get a lot of those…

Sure, you may also be given some Halloween and Christmas shots. I will definitely post more of the same indoor barn horseriding, that probably bore you halfway to tears right now (weirdly enough I still can’t get enough of those, I guess seeing a 5 yr old so proficient on a pony just fascinates me).

CannelleSept13-37And of course the blog will be flooded with portraits of this critter

CannelleSept13-33Who is immensely photogenic, I dare say !

Winter cases of G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrom) tend to skyrocket… Photogs get bored, don’t have much to shoot and little light to rely on, so we spend a bunch of time surfing the internet for new goodies, that manufacturers never fail to deliver just in time for Xmas shopping. I fear for my wallet this year, as Sony is supposed to reveal some new and extra fancy new NEX cameras in late October. I much doubt I’ll be able to resist.

MarlaSept13-110I’d be much better inspired fine tuning my flash technique. Or maybe it’s even time to get that flash off camera and do the strobist thing a bit. I just hope it doesn’t set off yet another wave of photo gear purchases !


MarlaSept13-109They’re best friends, and that’s pretty cute to watch. Very different from the relationship she had with our Dobermann younsgter. But very cute still

CannelleSept13-34This little face just melts my heart

MarlaSept13-107Winter is also the time I like to fall back on my manual focus lenses. My subjects tend to do a lot of static playing or TV watching so the opportunities are there to nail focus with those wonderful legacy lenses. Another potential Buy It button itch…

MarlaSept13-108Tiny dogs’ lives are very peculiar.

They’re always liable to be picked up, handled and moved by giant humans ar any moment. I think it must give them a hopeless feeling at times ? I mean how scary must life be when you’re at the constant mercy of tower tall higher beings ?? Sure, there are upsides too, though. Being taken along pretty much everywhere and enjoying beds and sofas is pretty cool.

CannelleSept13-35So friends, t’is the time to grab your cameras and run out for some fall shots until winter really forces you back inside, raiding eBay and photographing mugs and ashtrays. Enjoy !


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5 Responses to Fall is on the way. Get ready to get bored

  1. Yup, winter is TEDIOUS! and lasts about 9 months in these here parts. I too take plenty pics of key fobs, ornamental goods and children that don’t move from the TV. Sigh. Strobist stuff would be a cool addition to your repertoire, is it pricey?

    Actually, now im set with the camera, I was just pondering what to buy next!

  2. marla2008 says:

    Oh sweet Lord Tracy I was afraid you’d say just that !! You haven’t bought anything in almost a week and I was about to ask you how you were getting along ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t even start thinking strobes. You banker will hate you.

    • Oh no, not me, you! I still struggle with basic flash, so that will have to be my winter warmer. Luckily, having at last landed (for the 4th time) back with the NEX 7 I don’t have much of an itch when it comes to native lenses, there aren’t any. Well, except the 35mm of course. My next purchase may be that, or the LA_EA2 with the A35/1.8.

      My Banker is pretty happy right now for not having spent great deals of money this week……but it is only Tuesday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. laurent says:

    I have to admit that I feel immensely attracted to the strobe thing. Thinking about starting with a soft box.

    Autumn is on the way. I won’t say anything, so your blood pressure stays in its normal range….but boy, its a good time to live in Michigan!

  4. marla2008 says:

    Well, I hate you anyway, ok ?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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