A few quick NEX 6 samples

Don’t even try to find a rationale behind my NEX buying scheme. The bare truth (and it ain’t pretty) is that I have a fascination for those cameras, that has matured into a kind of obsession, and I cannot get -literally- enough of them. Two bodies is the strict minimum I can feel comfortable with, and if money weren’t an object I wouldn’t mind collecting about a dozen.

CannelleOct13-02So it’s hardly a surprise I have yet another NEX 6

It’s my third. Yeah, I know, this is totally stupid, I’m not even trying to deny it, or defend myself in any way.

ChessOct13-01If I had to dig some sort of credible excuse, I’d say for my indoor riding stuff I need the optimum high ISO, low light, performance, and that the 6 beats the 7 in this area (which is correct, but not overwhelming).

CannelleOct13-03I would not, however, dare invoking the fallacious argument of the self proclaimed faster PDAF (phase detection autofocus, supposed to be faster than contrast based AF). Trust my long and exuberant NEX owership experience : it’s bullshit. The 6 doesn’t focus any faster than the 7, or that any other NEX body for all I know.

MarlaOct13-05It’s not remotely as pleasurable to hold, or use, or well built as the 7, either. But one thing it does is take clean and sharp pictures. There is NO denying that.

CannelleOct13-04It’s a serious, capable, well priced and well featured camera that takes no prisoner and is a no nonsense imaging machine. It works as intended, and will rarely (if ever) be the limiting factor in your photography. The not so great AF is not even an issue for me now that I have the mighty LA-EA2 adapter that lets me use any A mount lens with Sony Alpha like AF performance. Sweet.

Tomorrow is pony day. Can’t wait.

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7 Responses to A few quick NEX 6 samples

  1. Bek says:

    Ha ha ha ha – and you call ME crazy lol 😉

  2. marla2008 says:

    Well, I for one do not attempt to clip Alpacas with sewing shears. THAT’s crazy 😉

  3. I can’t comment or judge on crazy – or buying compulsions, but the IQ is definitely there. I will take your word regarding the superior ISO performance as (can you believe) I’ve never tried the 6. You know I love the drinking shot, SB in the lap is hilarious and the chessboard is awesome. 🙂

  4. padam says:

    Well that settles it for me, I am getting the NEX7 when there is a close-out sale. Until then the NEX5N may suffice (even though LCD composing is quite limiting and the grip is too small and the controls are fiddly I decided to collect glass first).
    The NEX6 is probably a bit too light to balance well with heavier lenses but the viewfinder might be a little better.

    • marla2008 says:

      And it’s an excellent decision. While the 6’s IQ is very hard to top, I would still pick the 7 any day of the week for nicer build, ergonomics and controls. That TriNavi is just unbeatable IMO.

  5. The biggest advantage the NEX-6 has over the 7, so far as I can see, is Quick Navi in conjunction with using the EVF. I would really miss that. In fact, I bought my Sony A77 after my NEX-6 and I do miss it. It really is a pain in the backside that there is a screen on the A77 that looks like Quick Navi but does nothing except display my settings.

    • marla2008 says:

      I understand the asset it is. However, for my use, the 7’s TriNavi is even more crucial. That’s the interesting thing about having different models. More options 🙂

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