Time to post

5ansMarla-73Some leftover shots from Marla’s Bday

Haven’t posted since Wednesday. Not much interesting or relevant has happened since. The photographic world (well, mine anyway) is sort of hanging still and holds its breath until Oct 16th, which should bring some major novelties in terms of Sony mirrorless bodies (I dare not say NEX anymore, since Sony has been totally schizophrenic in its camera naming scheme and nomenclature lately).

5ansMarla-765 candles to blow, ain’t that something ?

Wait, didn’t I just have this baby, like, last week ? Well, obviously. Time flies in a worrisome manner once you’re a parent.

5ansMarla-81Don’t say a thing. I know.


5ansMarla-75So, what do we know about the yet to come Sony A7 and A7R, Full Fame mirrorless cameras ? Well, we know one is 24mp and the other 36, the former costing +/-1600€, and the latter 2200€, body only (those are rumor prices, by no mean certain). Both will allow current APS-C E mount lenses to be used both in “crop” mode and in FF mode, with vignette attached. This is great news as I really hoped for that.

5ansMarla-77Marla insisted on the paper hats. Funny how kids can be hung on “mandatory” details. Fiesta = paper hat. I don’t mind. I wore mine 😉

The one not so cool thing about the coming A7 is the form factor. While the NEX 7 had a widely acclaimed and praised form factor/control set, Sony decided to fix something that wasn’t broken and give us an Olympus OM-D shaped camera instead. Sony if you were a guy, I’d kick you in the nuts for this. HARD.


5ansMarla-80She loves that guitar. Us, not so much.

5ansMarla-78My adorable niece (with my adorable dog)

CannelleOct13-01So what would I need that new camera in the first place ? Well, let’s make clear the fact that I don’t really *need* what. Equally limpid is that once I’ve seen it and learned the complete specs, chances are I very badly want one…

MarlaOct13-08With our friend Anne, we hadn’t seen in a while (who’s know Marla from bitrh, and actually even before that)

5ansMarla-82So my current cameras are perfectly capable tools. Very capable, actually. The flaws and shortcomings they do have (lens selection, vastly imporvable AF…), I doubt the new bodies solve them. But they will bring full frame to the table, and that’s to be considered thoroughly. I had several FF cameras in the past. 2 Canon 5D, 2 Nikon D700, and 2 Canon 1D MkII which, while not being true FF, came closer with their (amazing) APS-X, 1.3 crop factor crop (my preferred format of all, truly, which is probably why Canon chose to drop it altogether, lol). FF does bring its own 3D look that is more easily seen than explained with words. I personally love it.

MarlaOct13-07So now I’m supposed to rob a bank…

MarlaOct13-09Are today’s kids connected, or what ?

CannelleOct13-02It’s only ten days until the new Sony are here and we know for sure what we’re dealing with.

5ansMarla-83Until then the NEX 6 and 7 are still up to the job 😉



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3 Responses to Time to post

  1. laurent says:

    I just wonder if you could possibly have a decent holding of a Full Frame sized camera in a NEX-shaped body, along with FF lenses. It has to be significantly heavier and bigger, right?

  2. marla2008 says:

    Nope. It’s RX-1 sized ! Lenses are bigger, though, big suckers 😉

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