Another day at the stables

That title sounds like déjà vu, I wonder if I didn’t use it before ? Has9Oct13-01Never mind, on a horse, every day is a new one…

Second time around (or is it the third ?) I take the SAL50/1.4 with LA-EA2 adapter to my kid’s riding session. NEX 6 last week, 7 this time, and pics didn’t come out as good, for various reasons.

Has9Oct13-07Which is really unimportant, because it’s getting the pics that matters. Nitpicking over technical minutiae is a bit irrelevant.

Has9Oct13-05This is a 3 yr old mare, recently started, that is doing quite well for a baby.

Has9Oct13-02Gwen is just as good with young horses as she is with young kids. Just a natural teaching ability that is rare, and priceless.

Has9Oct13-06Has9Oct13-03As you can say in good light the camera/adapter/lens combo did well.

This week things were back to normal. Just the two usual girls and their respective rides. There was, however, a new element, Taos (yes, it’s a girl, too). Taos is a student riding teacher (if such thing as a student teacher makes sense). From what I understand she wants to specialize in kids lessons, so she had two perfect subjects to experiment on.

Has9Oct13-10Eclaire was fresh and ready

Has9Oct13-14So was her rider, in full attire

Has9Oct13-15Marching to work

Has9Oct13-11Subject isolation is certainly sweet with this lens on the NEX 7 (WHO needs a stinking FF A7 ? Eh eh….)

Has9Oct13-12Mister Cat says he wants out. Do you see how thin DOF is at F2 ? I couldn’t get both Marla and the cat sharp. Should have stopped down to about 3.5

Has9Oct13-13My old (read : long time) friend Estelle spent the day with us. It pains me to say this is the first -and only- smile I saw on her face during the whole day. The kitty did the trick though. Better than nothing I guess.

Has9Oct13-16Eh, looks familiar huh ?

Has9Oct13-29?!? Hmm, starting to look familiar as well ! Backwards riding is all the rage these days, lol

Has9Oct13-17So what is it with the image quality today ?

Ok, here’s the deal. Last week I shot the same lens in the same place, using mostly F1.7 and ISO 800, and getting useful shutter speeds ranging between 100 and 160th of a second. That’s a pretty healthy speed to ensure sharp pictures with minimum motion blur. A lot of people are agonizing over image stabilization lately, but that only takes care of *camera* shake. Here we have massive pony shake going on 😉

Has9Oct13-19So because I’m parting with the NEX 6 (for strict financial and future investment purposes, the camera is great) I didn’t put additional actuations on it (which wouldn’t be fair to the buyer), and used my trusty NEX 7 for this session . By now it’s known to everyone on the planet how much I love this body.

Has9Oct13-18But yesterday the day was gloomy with rainy episodes, and light levels were as low as I ever saw then in this routinely dark arena. Sure, with no glorious rays of sunshine coming through the building openings, the contrast wasn’t as brutal as usual, but the overall lighting scheme was still exceptionally difficult to handle for any camera. Hence ISO 1600 was just a must, and  I had to crank the aperture open all the way to 1.4. Hardly the best combination to reap flawless digital images !

Has9Oct13-25During Gwen’s lessons, *anything* can happen

Has9Oct13-31A fine moment : on the right you can see Taos, afoot, trying to catch either of the girls in a riding equivalent of “tag !”

Has9Oct13-22Marla checking Eclaire’s footing afte she tripped, to ensure she wasn’t hurt

Has9Oct13-21Enora taking the wrong direction and turning her horse Vijdi sharply around

Has9Oct13-23PROUD (me is). I ain’t gonna try to deny it 😉

Has9Oct13-24Gwen helping Marla stopping the ever fast Eclaire in another game

So yes, despite my best efforts, the pics came out noisier than last week. Lesser high ISO performance from the camera, and lower overall light levels couldn’t result in anything else. But I’m not fazed. I’m pleased with the pictures for their content is not for their form, and I have designed yet another scheme to try next week (trying to nail the perfect camera-lens set-up for this place is my photographic Holy Grail).

Has9Oct13-26Check out the tongue puling out in effort 😉


Has9Oct13-28Well… why not ?

It is pretty obvious that I would make my life much easier just using a good old DSLR and fast (and I mean FAST) lens, in this damn barn. So on Saturday I’m gonna go nuts and bring …. the old Canon 300D and cheapo plastic 50/1.8 MkII. If THAT gives better results than the NEX/LA-EA2/A-mount fast lens set-up… I guess I’m back in the market for a big camera 😉

Has9Oct13-09PMAnd I saved BEST for LAST


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2 Responses to Another day at the stables

  1. I know you love the NEX7, but I really enjoy your camera adventures and would like to see your new DSLR story unfold 😉 Or more great pictures with the NEX FF 😉 …which ever…

  2. Ooh, can’t wait til Saturday then! Pictures are fun as always, the last one is gorgeous, but you’re right, shooting high ISO to keep the SS up and with the lens wide open makes it a hard job. A job well done 😉

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