The D90 gets dusted off

Ever since I got mirrorless cameras in February of 2012, my excellent Nikon D90 has more or less been sleeping in a closet. True NEX are addictive cameras, and the 7 in particular is an ongoing love story for me. However, shooting my kid’s riding lessons in a dimly lit and cruelly contrasty barn, I soon reached the limits of what mirrorless performance offers today.CannelleOct13-07And so the D90 came out of the closet.

Issue : I had no lens to put on it ! Since going all mirrorless I had slowly sold all my DSLR optics to finance other camera stuff, and all was left in Nikon mount is an old 80’s plastic 75-240 zoom, which, by the way, performs prettu much better than it has any right to…

Has23Jun13-61PMThe Nikon is my “action camera”

Has12Oct-32When I’m not trying to shoot action with my NEX, that is…

The D90 was a very good camera at release. Which means, of course, that it is still a very good one today. But 5 years is a long time in digital technology, and there are many areas in which newer models have improved by a fair deal. I got a 50/1.8 AF-S to use it with, and it’s doing a fair job.

MarlaOct13-1650/1.8 AF-S, ISO 720

MarlaOct13-17ISO 1250 (not bad at all…)

CannelleOct13-05Better yet : with flash

MarlaOct13-19It’s fun to shoot a cam you haven’t touched for months.

MarlaOct13-22Fingers tend to remember what your brains don’t !

MarlaOct13-21Issue n° 2 : I don’t know how to admit this… But I want a Canon right now

CannelleOct13-06Not that it would probably make much difference. But I haven’t shot Canon for about 3 years and I just sort of… miss it ?

MarlaOct13-186d or 70D, such is the question. Or shall I lose all control and just spring for the new Sony FF A7 ? A camera that has no native alens I can actually  afford, and boring AF performance to boot ?

MarlaOct13-20Decisions, decisions…

MarlaOct13-23Tomorrow is pony day. As they say : proof is in the pudding…

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One Response to The D90 gets dusted off

  1. You do great work with that D90. Just think what you could do a 6D? 😉 Seriously though, your shots with the D90 rival those of the NEX7 in my opinion. There is something very natural about them. Maybe because you know the D90 so well it carries over into your shot composition. Beautiful!

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