NEX 7 : don’t bury yet, it’s still very much alive

Has25Oct13-01Okay, so after a couple of sessions rolling in FF goodness and DSLR speed with the D600, and its little brother the D90, I got my NEX 7 back. It’s been on a loan for a week, and during that short time managed to make two NEX converts. Yes, two SLT hobbyists who were shooting respectively the humble A55, and the much higher featured A77, who both made tests, and saw for themselves what NEX had to offer. They took the plunge on the spot.

Has25Oct13-23Some good soul had brought two full boxes of apples for the horses

Has25Oct13-02Actually a good part of the reason the SLT users switched, is high ISO output

Has25Oct13-13Personally I was truly concerned about having to use ISO 3200 today

Has25Oct13-08But light levels were so abysmal I had zero choice

Has25Oct13-04And, amazement : the shots turned out beautifully !

Has25Oct13-07Sure, seen at 100% the 24MP files look noisy as f#ck. But once resized…

Has25Oct13-06Everything gets nice, sharp, and colorful

Has25Oct13-09A hint of noise in the shadows

Has25Oct13-11But overall super usable for web display. And from what I understand, noise then to make itself very discreet in prints, as well.


Has25Oct13-05Marla enjoyed herself a lot, and rode like a champ

Has25Oct13-15Not comfortable with the lope yet, so she practiced a lot of fast trot. Which I let her, to her heart content, since I know once she feels secure and cosy with that, loping will be a breeze

Has25Oct13-10Eclaire was a doll today. It’s hard to imagine her giving other kids a hard time, yet I know for a fact she does. But she has a really sweet spot for Marla.

Has25Oct13-16More of the same : trot, trot,trot !

Has25Oct13-17Just a quick note on the lens used : SEL50/1.8.

Optically it’s wonderful. Tack sharp, the bokeh is creamy/dreamy, a wonderful lens. Operation wise it’s shoot-yourself-in-the-head, pull-your-hair-out slow to AF. It’s also rather modernly ugly in the silver version (which I have). But dang, it’s good.

Has25Oct13-21You’re used to it by now : the hug

Has25Oct13-20A little lady enjoyed herself, made nice progress and made her Mama proud (as usual)

Has25Oct13-22And the NEX 7 reminded me why I’m still shooting Sony today


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6 Responses to NEX 7 : don’t bury yet, it’s still very much alive

  1. Gavin says:

    Lovely shots and interesting reading. But what happened to the a58? Wouldnt mind hearing what you think of it now.

    Reading your last couple of posts is making me think I should get a nex6 and any loss in af speed wouldn’t be a show stopper for what I do (pics of the kids), and the smaller size would be appreciated.


    • marla2008 says:

      Hi Gavin, how are you doing ? The A58 was returned as it could never quite match the NX7’s output, probably due to the SLT technology, and I always liked the more compact form factor in the first place. The NEX6 is an amazing little camera, I warmly recommend it.

  2. Gavin says:

    Hi Marla, I’m good thanks even if I’m still dithering what to replace an Olympus epl3 with.

    Ooh Very interested you’ve got rid of the a58, assume high ISO better on nex7. Will head into Chester tomorrow to check out a nex6. It only needs to tick a few boxes for me, the main ones being af performance good enough for a 3 and 5 year old indoor and it got to easier to get shallow dof than the epl.

    Heads says dslr/slt but my heart says nex just for the small form factor.


    • marla2008 says:

      Let’s get this out of the way : NEX gives overall better IQ vs SLT, by a fair margin (a reflexion that is NOT well received among SLT users). Regarding nailing kids indoor, it does depend on your technique, and your approach of the kids. I have literally thousands of shots of my 4 yr old with even manua focus, but yes since the NEX there is a type of really fast and hectic action shots I don’t even tackle anymore, it’s a balancing act. The 6 might take you by surprise, in output it betters a good number of DSLRs I know of !!

  3. Gavin says:

    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for replying. Now im really gutted I missed a good deal on a refurbished nex 6.

    I think the smaller form factor is definitely winning. I dare nt repeat your iq claims on the dpreview forum, it would cause a riot!

  4. marla2008 says:

    They can riot all they want. I can challenge many DLSR owners to pull the shots my NEX are delivering. I’m even using a NEX in situations that are badly pushing its limits, and despite that it is performing better than it has any right to.

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