Sunday fun and a family dinner

B&B-10Last sunday we went to Paris to see Beauty & the Beast, a musical.

B&B-06It was Marla’s first time in a “real” theater

B&B-05She enjoyed the show immensely. Actually, so did we

B&B-01It was also funny, and midly emotional for me, to go back to the old Paris neighborhood where I grew up, and roamed the streets so much as a kid

B&B-04The show was excellent. Colorful, fast paced, all three of us loved it.

B&B-03A couple of scary spots for Marla where she snuggled close to us



B&B-09After the show we headed out to my mom and step-dad’s, who still live in Paris, not too far from the theater. My in-laws were invited as well, so Marla was happy to enjoy *both* sets of grand-parents !

MoutonOct13-01My mom literally lives in an ocean of books

MoutonOct13-03Books… and bunnies (she collects them).

MoutonOct13-04Going thru the bunnies with Grand-Ma was the highlight of the evening

MoutonOct13-05My handsome husband

MoutonOct13-08Marla and my mom

MoutonOct13-07My very chic step-dad


MoutonOct13-09As usual in low light situation, the NEX 7 performed admirably.

Next post is gonna be from a maternity photo shoot I did yesterday, and very picture heavy, so get ready !


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2 Responses to Sunday fun and a family dinner

  1. Great story and photos. I particularly like the first one of Marla and your husband. It is super tender moment, and expertly composed by you. I hope to capture similar moments with my daughter in the future. I just need to convince my wife to take a few photos 😉

  2. Great light in your mother’s house by the way.

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