No compromise : my butt !

CannelleNov13-10NEX7 + Zuiko OM 50/1.8 wide open ISO400

One of the only three Sony FE lenses in *actual* existence so far, is the CZ (for Carl Zeiss) 55mm F:1.8. It retails for about 1000$, and that many €, as well (exchange rate be damned). Whenever someone voices their shock or disagreement at having only ONE, outrageously priced option for a “normal” prime, the Zeiss fanboys fly to the rescue and shout the great Zeiss motto : NO COMPROMISE. Sure, Bentleys and Rolls Royces ARE amazing, TOP quality vehicles, but they cost an arm (and leg, or a kidney… you get the idea). I’m not bitching about high end, top tier, “no compromise” stuff. Hell, ain’t I the one who fantasized about a 640$ camera bag only days ago ?? Sure. But thinking about it long and hard I realised I just could *not* justify such a price, as much as I am sure this particular bag would probably be the last one I’d ever need. I am still keeping an eye on it. But until I can afford it, I want/need *other options* (more on bags in a future post). So all new A7/R owners are actually asking for is CHOICE.

CannelleNov13-08This is the PEN F 38/1.8, wide open (what else ?!)

Now, before you make me (legitimately) notice that this lens is not fully FF compatible, bear with me. And with this 100%, totally *unprocessed* crop of the 24MP image from the NEX7 at full resolution :

CropCannellePEN-01How much *better* is the CZ 55 gonna be ??

Zeiss fans will tell you how the 1000$ has solid metal build, with superior finish, and top notch optics with the best current coatings. All of which is true, BUT…  Modern coatings aside, both PEN F and Zuiko OM featured in this post share the beautiful metal build and finish, with superb handling and dampening of focus rings.

MarlaNov13-41Here is an image from the OM 50 @1.8. It is so natively sharp that I could apply any sort of accentuation in post processing. How *much* sharper is the CZ gonna be ??

CropMarlaOM50-01When looking at those I invite you to realize that human flesh is the most difficult texture to render faithfully and sharply. Forget soda cans and test targets ! Let’s try again :

CannelleNov13-09… and the crop :

CropCannelleOM50-01Get my drift ?

The PEN is a bit more expensive but still affordable at around 200USD. Sure, it’s for half frame so will vignette on FF, let’s rule it out then. But the Zuiko OM 50/1.8 is totally FF compatible, very small and compact, extremely easy to find, and so cheap it’s actually stupid (I paid 25€ for mine, shipping included !). So while yes, luxury options are good to have, I still feel Sony could have provided the early adopters of its new system cameras with at least a possibility to have a native AF normal prime for a reasonable price. And I for one will not have any inferiority complex whatsoever mounting my excellent and affordable OM lenses on my soon to be delivered A7. Stay tuned for early tests !

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2 Responses to No compromise : my butt !

  1. Can’t wait for those A7 test shots!

  2. I think the apparent difference of price between US $ and Euros is mostly due to the fact that sale prices in France include the sale taxes (19.6%?), while the prices shown in the US are pre-tax (admittedly a much lower one anyway, 6% for my state, and zero so far for online shopping).

    But I agree, offering a couple of cheap primes (let say $300 max) could only help the sales of those otherwise perfect cameras. And it would even help, eventually, the sales of the expensive lenses.

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