A “picture light” riding post

My faithful readers know that my riding session posts tend to be picture heavy. Very heavy. Today I’ve decided that you guys have probably seen enough of my kid’s pony under every possible angle, so I tried to lower the image count and include only those pictures that were relevant to the story I am about to tell.

Has20Nov13-08Which won’t spare you the mandatory walk-next-to-her-pony pic

Has20Nov13-03Nor the crazy contrast, orange-cone-in-the-frame shot

Here’s what happened today. I woke up (late, thanks God for my daughter sleeping in this morning !), to a bright and beautiful day with blue skies and plenty of gorgeous morning light. So beautiful it was, that the very *first* thing I did once out of bed was actually fetching my trusty NEX7 and shooting a few frames (more on that in next post). I was blissful at the prospect of putting my Sigma EX 70-200/2.8 HSM DG Macro II, known as The Bazooka, through its paces today on jumping riders. However, come 1pm and soon time to depart for the stables, the weather had turned ugly, cold as f&@k and drizzling icy rain. Both Marla and I put on our warmest stables garnments, and off we went. I packed The Bazooka in mere hope, and hit the road.

Has20Nov13-02PMEnora was given her choice of pony today, and guess what…

Today’s lesson was unashamedly serious. Seated trot without stirrups. Anybody who’s been taught horse riding knows this is *not* fun. The girls had done seated trot before, but not without the comfort and support of their stirrups. Because this is a tricky, and potentially fall causing exercise, Gwen wanted to make sure that Marla had all the basics down pat before starting.

Has20Nov13-01PMBrief concentration pause before a thorough briefing, under Eclaire’s gaze

Has20Nov13-06Then hands-on practice

Has20Nov13-05With posture fine tuning

Make no mistake, this is hard work. Both girls really gave their best, time and again, till perfection.

Has20Nov13-04PMAnd then doing patterns at the same gait

Has20Nov13-11I was crazy proud of my girl, who rode like a champ

Has20Nov13-07In the meanwhile Chivas is always trying to grab some love

Has20Nov13-09PMClose supervision, superior support, and coaching

Has20Nov13-13Yielding fast progress and encouraging results

Has20Nov13-16Every moved is scrutinized

Has20Nov13-12And she is doing *perfect* !

Has20Nov13-15Check out Gwen demonstrating a stop in the background

Has20Nov13-14And…  the end result.

Has20Nov13-17And back to the stables, in the bitter cold.

The nasty weather had us rushing back home with me even taking The Bazooka out of the camera bag 😦 Gwen was so happy with the girls’s performance that she announced next week’s program : no stirrups… and jumping bars !


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2 Responses to A “picture light” riding post

  1. Great story! I rode and showed horses as a child till about 14 years of age, but have had no interest as an adult. Your stable photo stories remind me how much I loved my horses and make me think that I’ll be trying to provide my daughter with a chance to ride if she wishes to. We live in the middle of St. Louis city so it will take some commuting, but that’s what you do for your children right…?

    • marla2008 says:

      And that’s exactly what my parents did for me ! We lived in the touristic *heart* of Paris (about a hundred yard from les Galeries Lafayette, stuck between l’église de la Madeleine et la gare Saint-Lazare), and twice a week I’d ride the bus to an expensive yet tiny and dusty “manège” in Neuilly-sur-Seine (wealthy bourgeois neighborhood), where a spinster in old school Johdpur pants and leather gloves, whip tucked under an arm, had half a dozen kids running in circle for an hour. I never brushed or saddled my own horse until I discovered Western Riding through one of my father’s friends, and left the Neuily crowd for Quarter Horses on a country farm. I’ll go stretches to allow my kid to practice her sport and blossom in her hobby, and I’m sure that’s what you’ll do too.

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