My baby goes out. So does The Bazooka

Has27Nov13-32PMAllelujah, we had pretty weather today.

I drove to the stables praying I could finally give my Sig 70-200/2.8 a spin. Well it must have been my lucky day, because my kid rode so freaking well the first ten minutes of her lesson that her coach decided it was time to take things to a higher scale, and that meant, to the outdoor arena !

Has27Nov13-02PMAbout this time of year 12 months ago Marla had taken a break in her riding. For practical reasons out of our power, she had to go to a different teacher/school, and despite me finding the teaching was good, she didn’t like it and the cold weather was the final blow. She decided she’d rather stay in bed on Wednesday mornings. It was only a few months after our friend Gwen had opened her new place that we went to visit her and check it out. From then on Marla slowly picked up riding again, and she’s now been at it very seriously since late last spring. Her progress over this short period of time has been enormous.

Has27Nov13-04PMRiding outside by herself is way more intimidating for a 5 yr old than inside the safety of the barn. But it sure makes Mama’s camera instantly *much* happier !!

Has27Nov13-06PMWarm colors, lovely subject isolation and great detail are the signature of “The Bazooka”

Has27Nov13-33But I wasn’t the only one…

Has27Nov13-07PMGwen spent 80% of the session within grabbing reach of my Precious, just in case…

Has27Nov13-05Eclaire is a lively little mare and more space tends to mean more speed to her

Has27Nov13-11pmBut with a lot of guidance and supervision, things went super smoothly

Has27Nov13-03PMAnd the light was just… gorgeous !

Has27Nov13-08PMLook at those golden tones

Has27Nov13-09PMI let this flare intentionally, for aesthetics purposes. However, once equipped with its (large) dedicated hood, the lens resisted flare very, very well.

Has27Nov13-16PMOf course Enora was there too, and had chosen to ride Vidji today

Has27Nov13-12PMBeing 11 and stronger, she needed less chaperoning, and did great

Has27Nov13-15PMChaperoning, Marla had plenty of

Has27Nov13-10PMBut I think within only a few sessions she’ll be pretty much on her own

Has27Nov13-13PMThe girls had fun, the photographers had a blast

Has27Nov13-35Olympus 4/3 camera at work here !

Has27Nov13-14PMThe safety distance is starting to get longer

Has27Nov13-17PMShe ended up trotting laps by herself

Has27Nov13-19PMWith a very receptive and tame Eclaire, whom, according to Gwen, is NOT tame and easy with other kids, Marla does get a special treatment

Has27Nov13-18PMMaybe because they’re genuinely friends ?

Has27Nov13-20PMEnd of session, headed to the pond


Has27Nov13-22PMMy heart skipped a bit here, the water was freezing and my girl looked like she was going to pass overboard any second !

Has27Nov13-23I prompted her to get out of there asap

Has27Nov13-25PMBoy was she proud…

Has27Nov13-24PMAnd was I happy with the output of the Sig !

Has27Nov13-34Next Marla took a backseat to chew on her apple

Has27Nov13-26and the adults rolled in for a jumping session !

Has27Nov13-30PMI love this little horse, he is SO pretty

Has27Nov13-27PMAnd this spotted mare seems so easy

Has27Nov13-31PMI ran out of memory space just as Marla was running out of patience, which was pretty perfect timing in my book 😉

Has27Nov13-29PMI got a couple more and headed home

Has27Nov13-28PMOverall a very good day. I LOVE this lens as much as ever. I’ve now had it in Nikon (several units), Canon (as well) and Sony mount, whatever next maker I go to (not that I have the least intention to switch from Sony any time soon…), I’ll re-buy it in the proper mount. This is a killer tool for a lot of application, and feels heavy as a dead ox, but gives a lot of confidence in the hand, too. Constant 2.8 on a telezoom is a very real asset for high shutter speed, sharp pictures and nice subject isolation. If you’ve never tried a 70-200/2.8 lens yet, you should.


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One Response to My baby goes out. So does The Bazooka

  1. Some of your best outside-of-the-barn shots yet!

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