Coming soon ! Sony A7 should be here on Monday

Hi peeps

It’s been over one long month since Sony has introduced the A7 and A7R cameras (on Oct 16th, precisely). I placed an Amazon order on Oct 26th, and after an initial cancellation due to *two* successive delays in shipment, I replaced my order on Nov 22nd. Today I came a hair short of driving to Paris and picking one up in a brick and mortar store after Amazon had notified me of *yet* another delay. I made the reservation on the phone and was supposed to get the camera tomorrow. And tonight, BAM ! I get email notification from Amazon that they have the body in stock and will be shipping it out to me tomorrow, for delivery on Monday. CRAZY !

So now I have to give my deepest apologies to the physical store and roll with the Amazon order (I love the 30 day return window, just in case). I shall have the camera in my grubby hands on Monday. Stay tuned for a real world, first impression mini review with pictures very soon !!

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