Back to business as usual

CannelleDec13-13And so I’m back in business, shooting my little world around me

MarlaDec13-42Got a PEN F 70/2 delivered today. Flares a lot, stiff point on the focus ring, low contrast, but sharp. Hopefully the focusing action can be fixed by a friend of mine who’s handy with lenses

MarlaDec13-43Seems flare is more pronounced on larger sensors due to light hitting at a different angle from what it does on APS-C


MarlaDec13-49When Marla is not around live ponies, she plays with toy ones


MarlaDec13-47Tilt screens are *awesome*, I don’t ever want a camera again that doesn’t feature a tilt screen (note tilt and swivel are two totally different things, swivel being great for video, but useless for my type of work, please Sony stay with tilt)



MarlaDec13-50I’ll tell you what, the A7’s high ISO performance is totally good enough to avoid flash, BUT, white balance in mixed lighting goes all psycho, bordering on useless

MarlaDec13-52TV blue cast is the culprit. With TV off mixed lighting is manageable. Turn the TV on and white balance goes right to hell

MarlaDec13-53Friday is library day at school. Every week she brings home a different book, and we gotta read it to her half a dozen times


MarlaDec13-55OM 50/1.8 wide open


MarlaDec13-54Tomorrow I’ll get the SB-600 flashgun out for a spin

MarlaDec13-56Cameras are fun as toys and gadgets, but where they really shine, and matter, is as memory makers



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7 Responses to Back to business as usual

  1. Dear Marla,
    Awesome pictures.
    Yesterday a salesman from a local Sony center called me that they have an A7 kit, and I can come and buy it any time. Very tempting to visit the store tomorrow and buying the set. While experimenting with the kit lens, I’d like to buy a couple of adapters and old manual lenses. Readiong reports from other owners some lenses (some Voigtlander and Zeiss models, for example) do not work really well with A7 or A7R. Of the collection you have which ones would you recommend? I definitely buy the Novoflex Nikon-NEX adapter for my Nikkor 50mm/f1.4G lens.
    Thank You very much, Miki

    • marla2008 says:

      I’m afraid you’ll find focusing a modern lens a frustrating exercice. Manual focusing old legacy glass, on the other hand, is wonderful, and as I think you’ll discover, quite addictive ! However, I’m finding out the A7 is very demanding on glass, way more than the NEX7 despite similar pixel count. My OM lenses, which I adore on the N7, tend to lack contrast a tad, and suffer slight haze (not to mention increased flare) on the FF chip. Which leads me to think the A7 would be better off with natively more contrasty and better coated optics, like Canon FD or Minolta MD. I have a 50/1.4 MD on loan and it hardly leaves the A7, it just works beautifully on it. I’m assuming Pentax lenses would work well too, but mine is with a friend for the time being so I have not been able to try it yet.

      • Just got another call from the Sony store that they are going to have an A7R and the LA-EA4 adapter soon. After following your photography with your NEX7 + LA-EA4 + A-mount lenses. I am thinking that a A7R + LA-EA4 + A-mount lenses might be a more versatile system. I am looking forward to your reports about the improved native autofocus capabilities of A7 with E-mount lenses, and with A7 + LA-EA4 + A-mount lenses. I wish you and your family a nice weekend! Miki

      • marla2008 says:

        Miki I can give you my thoughts as I have done those tests already, and I stand by what I said before : to me the LA-EA4 is a must have along either A7 or A7R cameras. I haven’t tested the R, but given the difference between NEX 6 vs. 7, (PDAF enabled vs. CDAF only), I wouldn’t think there is a *massive* AF performance difference between the two A’s. The A7 should be a bit snappier in good light, up to you to see how much it matters. Personally I skipped the R because of value for price ( 7 being significantly cheaper), higher flash sync, and most of all quieter and shorter sounding shutter, as you well know I already find the A7’s shutter hardly acceptable, not in loudness (it’s fine) but in lag. I’d expect the R’s shutter alg/blackout to be significantly worse, and there’s no way in the world I’d put up with that. Not to mention how demanding the 24MP A7’s chip is already on my best manual lenses (which are not my best anymore !) so the R would be overkill for me on many levels, and not suited on others. The A7 is fine for my needs. All I can advise you to do is to definitely get the LA-EA4, but carefully pick the AF lenses you’ll use with it. SSM or HSM is a must if you need really fast performance. Older or non motorized lenses will AF, but will be a bit on the pedestrian side… My huge Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM works like a charm on the LA-EA4, and the combo delivers killer IQ. Hope this helps !

  2. Hi Marla,
    I did not want to mix two entirely different topics into a single comment, so here is my second question for today. You wrote that “tilt and swivel are two totally different things, swivel being great for video, but useless for my type of work”. I had some experimenting with both tilt and swivel, and my conclusion was that there is only one position that I was not able to do with the swivel screen and only with the tilt: tilting the screen 90 degree just behind the back of the camera in axis of the lens, which is very useful for clandestine photography. In you experience why else do you prefer tilt screen?
    Thank You and all the best, Miki

    • marla2008 says:

      I’m not a fan of “stealth” photography, yet at times it is quite useful to have this option 😉 I dislike swivel screen specificaly as they do not offer to deploy the screen 90% *behind* the camera and “shoot from the waist”, as you have noted. Even without considering the stealth factor, my mind must be pretty aligned because I find uncomfortable to look to the side (as with a swivel screen) to shoot something in front of me ! Feels very unnatural and disconnected to me. As you’ve seen a shoot a lot at kids, dogs, etc, level, so the tilt screen is golden. Sometimes I also like to use it to shoot slightly from above, tilting the screen downward, which gives a different perspective on things. And last, tilting to any level requires only small moves, unless deploying a swivel screen to the side, which is more visible and more disctracting. I had a couple of cameras with swivel screens and was really annoyed at them non stop.

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