And so my A7 seems to be defective

Remember that green cast I told you about ? Well, I had a chance to test my A7 today side by side with another unit. Which confirmed my doubts : the WB module on my camera seems totally off tracks, it’s registering the slighest hint of green light it can find, anywhere. If I were a RAW shooter, or did only landcapes, I could probably overlook the issue, but as a strict jpeg portraitist dealing with skintones constantly, no dice. I reached Amazon tonight and they are shipping another unit on Monday, I can then return this one when I have the new camera. World’s best customer service in my experience…

MarlaDec13-63It explains I converted a bunch of pics to B&W tonight. Purple people with green hair don’t look too good to my eye <grin>

CannelleDec13-16Flash also solves the problem elegantly. Too bad Sony decided not to include the genius NEX built-in flash on this model

MarlaDec13-60Got our Christmas tree today !

MarlaDec13-65Wonky colors or not I’m getting hooked on this IQ

MarlaDec13-61Hmm, what does that tree need next ?

MarlaDec13-66Santa Claus ! (check out the blue hair, lol)


MarlaDec13-68I’m in hopes the next unit will be a little more color conservative than this one

MarlaDec13-62Cause I love B&W, only up to a point…

MarlaDec13-69God my girl is tall. Why the hell is she so tall !? She’s only 5 ! Stop growing !

MarlaDec13-59Two days ago she insisted I took the camera to school in the morning

MarlaDelphineDec13PMShe wanted a shot with her preschool teacher. Aren’t they cute ?

MarlaDec13-70That pink guitar gets a lot of use. My poor ears 😉

Vert02My A7 loves everything green

Let’s hope another A7 unit can kill the WB issue, and I can enjoy this sweet machine to its full potential.


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11 Responses to And so my A7 seems to be defective

  1. Hi!
    I wrote in Dprewiev forum and someone gave this link. My question in forum was this:
    “”I have used autowhitebalance in A99 and earlier cameras. I was shooting yesterady and today outside with A7(awb selected) and now I am wondering how strange images look. Nowadays here in the North we have light only a couple of hours but it is not purple. All the images have strong reddish and purple cast.
    Converting images to dng and using LR5.2 auto-command(or shade) result is totally different. Must I now check whitebalance while shooting if I want to avoid that purple colour. I should have taken A99 with me to see how it works. I’ll do that tomorrow. Is there something wrong in the camera itself ? I have not read the large manual to see if there is something you can do in menu.
    thanks in advance””
    I live in Northern Finland so we have not much light in this time of the year but it surely is not purple. More black and white. I wonder if I must return my camera. Color can be corrected in LR but seems weird in LCD and computer before doing corrections.

  2. Gavin says:

    I wouldn’t know if I had a wonky camera. Id be over moon if my pics came out anywhere near as good as yours and would assume aany weird stuff was dowb to user error.

  3. marla2008 says:

    That’s why I tested, tested, tested some more, and went out of my way to be able to make a head to head comparison with another unit. Which left no doubt. I’m grateful to Amazon to stand behind their products and offer flawless customer service. And I’m sure you’d know if your camera had a reccurrent issue 😉

  4. Hi!
    I have studied. A fellow in omne finnish cameraforum gave hint. You can change awb-settings accidently. When you press wp(round wheel-right), and press twice so you can see awb-settings: in my A7 they where A-B;A6 G-M;M6. In the right purple corner. By pressing third time settings can be changed. I have must changed that setting while carrying camera. I think that is bug. That should be secured so that you can’t change awb-settings if you do not want. I think I must borrow awbsetting from someone A7 user.

    • marla2008 says:

      Good for you Hannu, however I am VERY aware of every possible way of setting and tweaking WB (as I should be as a strict jpeg shooter who needs to nail it for every shot) and this was not the issue for my own unit. My A7 clearly has a misaligned or defective WB module, which is the reason why I am getting a replacement unit, hoping it won’t exhibit the same flaw, as it will most likely come from the same batch of cameras. Will of course report my findings here and on various boards I have mentioned the problem. In the meanwhile enjoy your A7 with now proper WB 😉

  5. iwanna7 says:

    Hi Marla, I hope your new unit works better. Great AWB was one of the features I was most impressed with on my A7 (but my only comparisons are the NEX 5 and Ricoh GX100). A while ago you posted about your Sigma 24-70 f2.8, did you get to try it out on the A7? I just got a Sigma 20-40 f2.8 and overall it gives very nice results (sometimes even great). Sometimes I wish for the range of the 24-70, though…

  6. Weird. Definitely weird. I am sure Sony has guys browsing the internet looking for blogs like yours, and trying to avoid the Nikon oil spot fiasco…..

    Your daughter can’t possibly be in preschool…kindergarten?

  7. marla2008 says:

    Laurent I’m a fool, I never could quite figure out what you guys call “la maternelle” ? She’s on her last year there, in the “grande section”.

  8. well, it took me 2 kids in the american school system and a mom who is a retired “maternelle” teacher in France to figure it out. Grande section is Kindergarten. First grade is CP in France. Preschool is petite and moyenne section.

    Kindergarten is part of the public school system (and is therefore free), while preschool is usually only available in private schools (quite often church sponsored), and cost in my town roughly a Sony A7 a month per full-time kid. Your child need to be 5 on September 1st to enter kindergarten.

  9. As a conclusion…6 more months before I can start to tackle my amazon wish list!

  10. marla2008 says:

    Well THANKS for explaining that, I could never have figured it out myself ! Yeah, Marla will be in first grade next year, time flies like CRAZY. i’m happy to report my second A7 unit is a totally different camera. Will blog about it later tonight, but so far very happy 😀

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