Sony A7 thoughts – Take 2

And so Amazon dropped a new, replacement Sony A7 body on my in my lap this morning. MarlaDec13-87

MarlaDec13-83PMHow well does it work ? Much better than the first one !

MarlaDec13-82PMNot only is WB much more accurate, but sharpness and noise are also better


MarlaDec13-86High ISO performance is very, very good

MarlaDec13-88And the black & white native jpeg setting looks great


MarlaDec13-84I still need to tweak jpeg settings

MarlaDec13-89I won’t comment much on the camera as I have a lot, already. I’ll just let you judge it on the images. I’ve been getting a couple of private messages of A7 owners encountering the same WB issues that I did. So there are a handful of bad apples out there. I love the A7, but I’m still on the look for a potential NEX7 successor that retains the rangefinder form factor inspiration. That, to me, is more valuable than “just” an FF chip.


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9 Responses to Sony A7 thoughts – Take 2

  1. Well it looks a superb unit. The wb looks great in low light and I really like Sony B &W (along with Nikon). Love the guitar shot 🙂

  2. Lyon Fisher says:

    Have you looked into the new Fuji models? They might have one with the form factor you like, though you probably already know this!!

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks for the tip ! I’ve looked into them and even tried them. I have two very close Fuji loving friends making art with theirs, but I couldn’t bond with the ones I tried. I think Sony cameras have my heart at this point, though of course that could change in the future 😉

  3. DoDaDum says:


    Noticed from a few post back that you use the PEN F 38mm for some of your shots. Any chance you may point out which ones are from that lens and the aperture used? Also, may we get a shot of how the 38mm looks on the A7? Reason I’m asking about it is because this is a lens I’m looking into getting, but could not find too much info about it when paired to the A7.

    • marla2008 says:

      Well, I pretty much shoot all my lenses wide open 99% of the time !! THe only moments I might stop down a smidge (never more than a stop, or two, like, once a year !) would be group shots. But in my group shots you’ll see some participants slightly out of focus usually, because I never stop down enough. All the shots that you see that aren’t “right into” the subject’s face are usually with the PEN (indoor shots, that is). It truly is my go to lens for mirrorless.

      • Dear Marla, Have you made all photos in this posting with the 38mm/f1.8 Olympus F.Zuiko Auto-S lens? I guess so, since I can see and love the discrete vignetting in the corners of your photos. Absolutely terrific. Thank You, Miki

  4. William says:

    Is Amazon in France that fast?

  5. I am about to buy my A7 today, but your story intimidated me a bit. Maybe I’d better wait a couple of months for a second batch and firmware updates? Miki

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