A7 at the stables, take 2

Has11Dec-03The new A7 went to the stables today.

Last week I was extremely underwhelmed by my first unit’s performance, so was it better today ?

Has11Dec-10Well, yes. But not as stellar as I would expect it to be

Has11Dec-09It was very, very cold, and we couldn’t stay for the adults’ lesson, so I took only a couple of shots with The Bazooka, inluding this one


Has11Dec-02Jumping course lesson again, long, tough, the girls hung on

Has11Dec-06I shot the whole session at 1600, and unexplainably enough, the files came out almost as noisy as the NEX7 at 3200…

Has11Dec-04ISO 200 is lovely, but hardly surprising

Has11Dec-01Pretty nice jump for a 5 yr old 😉

Has11Dec-05Yesterday I shot some landscapes and the output was a joy. Today, though I am pleased to report that I had cured all operational quirks. No more black out, acceptable AF, good shot to shot speed. But the files were noisier than they had the right to be.

Has11Dec-08So I’m sort of back to the drawing board. I think for a jpeg shooter like me it’s all about finding the proper Creative Style settings that emulate my NEX7’s output as closely as possible. The best level curve I’ve found is the Landscape preset, fine tuned a bit, alas it tends to enhance greens, which the A7 has an all to natural tendency to do yet.

MarlaDec13-92And a NEX7 image

I coudln’t resist the temptation to get a used Voïgtlander Nokton 40 1.4 Classic lens. It’s been warmly recommended to me and I’m very eager to test it. On another note I should also receive my Think Tank Retrospective 7 bag, for which I promess to make a full review post. Until then, keep shooting !


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One Response to A7 at the stables, take 2

  1. At web size its quite difficult to see noise, but (to my eye) the DR doesn’t look much different to the N7, and the last pic is my favourite 😉

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